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Finding Your Ideal Partner; They Are Closer Than You Think!

Why you should be working together.

They call them partners for a reason. Your girlfriend/boyfriend, fiancé, husband/wife; whoever they may be to you, your significant other is your better half. They compliment us and make up for our failing. Yet few of us realize the potential power they hold in having a partner.

When we think of the word partner, we are often presented with the image of a business partner, yet fail to realize that we have a life partner, one who is invested in us 100%. Because of that investment, likely 50/50 if you consider yourselves equal partners; and you should.

If you haven’t found yours yet, keep a lookout. When you find your partner, that one person who will devote themselves to you and everything you do, embrace them and never let them go (unless they can no longer support you, and that almost happened to me, but a discussion for another day).

Here is the key. Once you make that commitment, honor it. It doesn’t have to be a legal ceremony with a certificate and everything sworn in front of family and friends, just a undying devotion to work together to conquer all challenges you face…and face them together. Sometimes these are the best relationships because neither partner feels trapped by a legal obligation. Continue reading “Finding Your Ideal Partner; They Are Closer Than You Think!”

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Start Where You Are, Using What You Have! DEN OF PRIDE – HIRING

So here it is. DEN OF PRIDE is expanding.

If you follow DEN OF PRIDE at all, you would be aware that DEN OF PRIDE is changing it’s format to reach a broader audience. This format is the inclusion of a PODCAST: DEN OF PRIDE, (Thanks @samcrowley for helping me step up to make this happen.) I credit Sam Crowley, Every Day Is Saturday Podcast, because he spoke to me and motivated me on the same day as Tony Robbins told me (along with 15000 others) to take action, no amount of motivation and guidance matters if you do not take action.

I have gotten this far on the premise that you start where you are using what you have. This is fortunate because it has pushed me forward with making great progress, yet it is unfortunate in that I have done all this by myself to this point. I have started, with a free WordPress blog. Please visit us as This forum has grown through its message and our reach within social media. That growth could have been exponential if I had a team to assist me.

DEN OF PRIDE is ready and willing to grow. We are looking to expand and find the Dream Team; teammates who can help make this dream a reality. DEN OF PRIDE is a personal development forum dedicated to helping people make change in their lives and providing tips, tools and techniques within a safe environment to aid in their growth.

I am in the process of developing teams to help make this dream a reality. I pitched this program and it’s growth to my family and they were very receptive. If you are going to start where you are and use what you have. What better place to start? Using what I have? I looked at what I had and how I could use those resources to the best of my ability. We are preparing to pitch this dream to a larger audience. This is happening…fast and furious.

This is what I need to move further and faster!

TEAMS: Continue reading “Start Where You Are, Using What You Have! DEN OF PRIDE – HIRING”

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Living Uncomfortable; Stand by your Decisions

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” ~ Coach John Wooden

We mentioned yesterday that taking action, embracing change and being proactive were keys to success. This leads us to our topic of discussion for today. These three subjects prepare you for the greater purpose of personal growth.

When we look ahead and try to anticipate what lies before us we often become nervous. We may stress out and find ourselves sweating the small stuff even though we have no idea just what possible outcomes we might be faced with. Again, we can prepare for what we might encounter but we cannot take action if we do not adjust to each moment. Thus we are nervous and afraid of the potential for failure.

As stated by Coach Wooden, we can prepare so that we limit the possibility of failure. We do this by gaining knowledge and experience, taking training and utilizing skills that we have learned from a lifetime of moments.

When we do have a challenge that holds us frozen like a deer in the headlights, we must take that as a learning moment, examining what froze us in the first place and how we eventually reached a resolve. Each of these moments build up a storage of possible tools that you can call upon to utilize, thus we may become better, stronger and more prepared when time attempts to overtake us.

You have most certainly heard it before but;

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Continue reading “Living Uncomfortable; Stand by your Decisions”

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How to Prepare for Unexpected Change.

I owe my faithful followers an apology because I have not posted in a couple of weeks.  I have been busy preparing for the future of DEN OF PRIDE.  That is no excuse to ignore the platform that started it all.

You might remember that we will begin hosting DEN OF PRIDE PODCAST starting June 2017.  I am very excited about this venture even though it is scary moving forward with something that you have no control over.  Or at least, something that is totally new to your way of life.  If you are used to the same old, same old and jump out of the gate with something new, you can be overwhelmed.

I am taking this journey one step at a time and going with the flow.  I am planning the steps I will take and then systematically taking action.  This is the future I have imagined and the only way to achieve it is to implement my vision and go after it.  Chasing the dream is wonderful and excitiing.

  •  There will be two posts this week, one today and another scheduled for tomorrow, so that you are not forced to tune out by a lengthy or wordy post.  Enjoy!

“If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”
~ Henry Ford

Continue reading “How to Prepare for Unexpected Change.”

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Coming Soon: DEN OF PRIDE Podcast

DEN OF PRIDE is getting ready to expand.  We are looking to go Pro.  The purpose of this forum was to reach as many people as possible with a message that carried more than just faith and hope.  Hope is not a plan.  To be prepared, you need a plan and that plan requires confidence in oneself.

We created the DEN OF PRIDE in order to convey that message to the world.  You are powerful!  You are capable!  You are confident!  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  That is why you are here.  DEN OF PRIDE is a supportive circle to seek empowerment and continuous improvement.  Together we can change the world as we improve our individual and collective confidence level.

In our effort to have our voice reach as many ears as possible we are ready to further our reach.  Our message is limited to page format.  Our voice needs to expand its reach.  This will lead us to our next venture.  Join us; assist us in reaching others with our collective voice.  Our voice will be heard.

Coming Soon:  DEN OF PRIDE – PODCAST;  June 1, 2017

4 formats, 1 episode per week.

  1. Opinion/Education – Solo/Co-Host
  2. Influential Interviews – Guest Leaders/Influencers
  3. A Study in Success – Solo/Co-Host
  4. What’s Your Story – Guest Speaker
  5. If there is a fifth week in a month we will take a break (No Episode) will be moving to a new location, as self-hosted forum.  Stay tuned for our new location.

Looking for Co-Host:

Interested?  Apply at

Looking for Guests:

(Our Social Media followers, this is your opportunity to reach out to new markets)

2 Segments for Guests:

  1. Influential Interviews
    1. – Influencers and Leaders in various industries
  2. What’s Your Story?  (Must be willing to share there difficult path to enlightenment)
    1. – Are you willing to share your success stories?
    2. – Overcoming Adversity!
    3. – Rags to Riches!
    4. – Inspiring stories to motivate others to action!

Inquiries for Guests or Co-Host:

Coming Soon:  DEN OF PRIDE – PODCAST, June 1, 2017

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Prepare! Non-Judgement Day is Coming!

We always hear people talking about doomsday.

“The apocalypse is coming!”

“The end is nigh!”

These are thoughts of negative people.  It is time to leave those statements in the dust.  When you hear negativity like that you cannot help but rolling your eyes and running the other way.  Otherwise you end up talking about what a crackpot this guy is.

  • You ever notice it’s always a guy, never a woman.  That’s because women are saying, “Brother you don’t know nothing about nothing.  Call me when you have to cook, clean, manage a household and work a full-time job.  What do men have to do?  Work and take out the trash?  Huh?”  Women know about hard times and men, well maybe some of us are wishing for the apocalypse.

OK.  That was a sidebar…off on a little tangent there. This thought all came about because of a bumper sticker I saw that made my day.  You have to appreciate the little things in life.  As I was driving along on a bright sunny spring day, it was cold but it was the second day of spring and I saw a fat Robin looking for worms to prove that spring is on the horizon, I saw this bumper sticker on a car.  I could not help but laugh.  You so often see and hear the opposite.  There is so much negativity in the world that it is hard to see the positive through the storm clouds.

This little moment of enlightenment did not fall on deaf ears.  It is proof that a little positivity does get spread around if we just look for the good in everything.  I knew that the moment I saw this sign it was just that, a sign.  One that I was meant to see and one that I was meant to pass on to you.  We can all use a little, hell a lot more positivity in our lives.  There is too much negativity that could pull us down like the sinking Titanic at any given moment.

This was proven less than ½ hour later as I was enjoy a nice peaceful walk in downtown Kitchener through the history and grandeur, and oh yeah, the construction (all in the name of improvement, more positivity).  I was walking along, enjoy my podcast when I see a guy on the corner ahead, yelling at the top of his lungs at who, I could not guess for there was no one else around him.  What could he possibly have to be pissed off at on this beautiful day?  The Universe was telling me it was so, yet here was this guy marring that beauty.

I remember noting thought that this could have easily been me just a short time ago.  Just a few short years ago I would be that guy that would flip out at the slightest provocation.  I was him, once upon a time.  I could only hope that whatever had troubled him was only temporary and would fade from his life just as fast as it arose.

I do not need that kind of negative influences in my life so I turned slightly and headed in a different direction.  I did not judge, if anything I empathized with him.  Hell I was him, yes?

Why?  The sign of course.  That bumper sticker that read, “Non-judgement day is coming.”

Prepare for it!  Pass it on!  This message is important!  Let these words go viral!

Non-judgement day is coming!

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The Power of Motivation

This is a multi-million dollar industry.  Why?  Because motivation is temporary.  You can receive motivation today, yet if you don’t change your beliefs, then you have learned nothing.  All of the money you spent on a seminar or course will be for not.  People pay big money for this temporary reprieve from the dreary desperation they find themselves in.  They look for methods and systems to change their lives.

This was proven to me yesterday in the seminar I attended yesterday.  It was the biggest of its kind that I attended.  It was the Real Estate Wealth Expo.  This was a seminar based on making wealth through business and investing.  I have never seen something so spectacular.  There were about 10,000 people in attendance

I participated in several short pitch workshops.  A pitch workshop is where the presenter delivers some vital information to you that is pertinent to their industry or area of expertise but doesn’t really offer you enough information to you, giving you all of their secrets.  You have to pay for that and of course they will train you, if you buy their course.  I go for with the intention of learning all I can for free.  It is also valuable for the people I meet.  These people are potential partners and networker.  You meet so many people who might be of value for what they can offer. Continue reading “The Power of Motivation”

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Stay On The Right Track

Today we begin to discuss direction.  I have prepared you to move forward with this discussion by asking you to examine your life, what it is you want; your hopes, dreams, desires.  What is it that matters to your most?

I have asked you to consider how you expect to live your life and compare it to how you are currently living that life.  Is it anywhere close to the life you desire?

Yes?  Wonderful.

You are part of a very small majority of society.  Those who live their dreams are few.  Each of us have had some failings and made compromises along the way.  Compromises can be good if they are made with the intention of achieving desires or living a happy lifestyle.

For those of you who have not compromised.  LIAR!

Life is often not everything it is cracked up to be?  Yeah, I get that.  We all have desires we have yet to accomplish.  We call it a bucket list and say things like:

“Someday I will do this”

“Maybe one day soon I will go there.”

“I can’t wait to try that.”

Let’s not forget; “If only this happened.”

The simple fact is these are just excuses for the fear we have of doing things out of the norm.

So I ask you again, are you living the life of your dreams?

NO!  Now you’re speaking some truth. Continue reading “Stay On The Right Track”

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What’s Stopping You? Money?

Still not motivated?  What is it now?

Is money a problem?  It was for me.  This is one of the excuses that was most prevalent in my life.    I was held up and virtually stopped in my tracks like a deer in the headlights, unable to decide on any direction.  This was more than an excuse or even a roadblock.  It was a brick wall, kind of like the Great Wall of China.  How was I going to get past this?

The problem I faced was that I had not ever considered this problem this way.  I had not considered this as a challenge.  It was the farthest thing from my mind because it had just become a fact of life.  I was broke, so how could I possibly do anything; how could I achieve anything?  You know, it takes money to make money.  This is a statement of fact, but we do not examine it any further because we believe it which limits our thinking.

We believe what we think we hear.  There is an expression that we believe as fact.  We hear, “…money is the root of all evil.”  and we think, “Ooh.  I am not an evil person.  I don’t want that kind of money.”  But here is the expression.

“The love of money is the root of all evil.”

Continue reading “What’s Stopping You? Money?”

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What’s stopping you? Education?

There are numerous reasons, but really they are just excuses or justifications people use that allow them to pass up on their dreams.  The fact remains that people are thankful for these excuses as they allow them to remain complacent, stable and quite frankly stagnant.  No justification is good enough to find oneself never moving forward toward greater purposes.  Get busy living or get busy dying!

It is to our individual benefit and to the benefit of all that we strive to become better.  If we ourselves improve then we influence those around us in a positive and more guiding light.  So these excuses only bar us from the hope filled life we not only desire but should demand of ourselves.  So let’s take strides to remove those excuses from our lives.

We can do this by believing that all things are possible.  If we begin to think in terms of possibilities then we take the responsibility back into our own hands.  The first of these possibilities that I will tackle is education.  Though we will take on this topic in a later post, I used to blame money on my lack of education.  When I began to look at the possibilities I came up with options.  No longer would education or financial resources be my excuse.

There proved to be many options out there that would satisfy my need to improve myself and my knowledge.  The best part is that most of these options I will discuss are FREE, that’s right absolutely FREE.  It was amazing of the number of FREE resources available if you just start looking.  I have learned a lot from many sources that were all FREE of charge, or whenever possible, I invested a small amount if I could afford the money to spare.

I would highly recommend spending the money on courses in the interest of improving yourself and your knowledge.  If you already have the financial resources to spare than I would suggest you seek out those courses that will suit you purposes (in line with your dreams).  You must consider that an investment in your education is invaluable to your growth.

“Formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune.”                      –  Jim Rohn

So here are several sources for FREE educational resources:

  1. Webinars/Seminars:

Continue reading “What’s stopping you? Education?”