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Coming soon…Den of Pride 2.0

Den of Pride will be returning, better than ever!

Interview Requests: Email –

After a much needed hiatus, Den of Pride will be back.

Blog/Vlog, Podcast and Community Forum after undergoing improvements, will return soon.

When? June 2018

FB Group:
Interview Requests: Email –

Why? We believe that it is our duty to improve both as individuals and as a society. it is our mission to help people build confidence so they may achieve their dreams.

How? Interviews, Recorded and Live Forum Discussions and Video Lessons on…
Personal Development,
PRIDE & Confidence,
Better Living

RJ Horner, Host of the Den of Pride podcast will be conducting interviews as of April 2018. Are you interested in being a guest & sharing your story? We want to hear from you; email below…
Interview Requests: Email –

What are you proud of? Tell us!  Den of Pride Community FB Group…

FB Group:

We will be holding discussions with industry leaders from all fields and all walks of life, with many specialties that you may find useful. We are also interested in interviewing John & Jane Doe. We want to talk with everyone who has overcome battles, general public and experts alike.

Pride and confidence come from living life. We want to talk to you, about life, living and the PRIDE you feel at having overcome adversity.
Interview Requests: Email –

Some things we must accept as fact:

  1. Failures will happen.
  2. Adversity is our friend.
  3. Nothing has meaning except the meaning we give it.
  4. We have a responsibility to maintain our response ability.
  5. We are responsible for almost everything in life that happens to us.

Let’s talk. Let’s have conversations in the Den of Pride.

FB Group Den of Pride:
Let the conversations begin!
Follow me:
FB –
Twitter – @rjhorner73
Interview Requests: Email –


New Website:

Life’s a journey! Join us!
Interview Requests: Email –


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LIVE @ 5 and again @ 7pm

We are LIVE!  Den of Pride is a podcast.

Join me for a LIVE BROADCAST in the DEN OF PRIDE FB Group at 5 and 7pm today June 1, 2017 for a LIVE Launch.

DEN OF PRIDE  (old home)  (new home)


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We are LIVE! DEN OF PRIDE Podcast

Today is the big day.  Join us in the DEN OF PRIDE!


This is the long anticipated release of our podcast.  It is official.  DEN OF PRIDE is a podcast.  We are working on becoming a larger community with greater influence reaching a large number of people.


Our message to the masses:

  • You are a unique creature of nature.
  • Have the power and the confidence to be yourself
  • Discover Your Purpose
  • Embrace Your Passion
  • Harness Your Power
  • Channel Your PRIDE

You can find us on our website or on iTunes shortly, but we are LIVE!

Our success is your success.

DEN OF PRIDE  (old home)  (new home)

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7 days to Launch: DEN OF PRIDE PODCAST

The Deadline looms ever closer.  Is it exciting or overwhelming?  Am I scared or exhilarated?  Only time will tell, this is exciting but as the launch date gets ever closer, I wonder if I will get it done in time.  I have made a commitment and I don’t want to look foolish.

So here it comes 7 Days away.  DEN OF PRIDE PODCAST Launch.

Join me!  Follow me, in the DEN OF PRIDE for useful tips, tools and techniques from those who have been where you want to go.  Let us be your mentors, even if only for 30 – 45 minutes at a time.

DEN OF PRIDE has morphed from Blog to Community Forum and now on to a PODCAST.  Our voices will reach further the louder and more often it is heard.  Listen to me as I interview others as we SHARE what we have learned through our individual personal development Journey’s.

DEN OF PRIDE: 7 Days to Launch.

Join us Live in FB Group DEN OF PRIDE (open to the public for a limited time) (will be moving soon to…)

Watch for DEN OF PRIDE PODCAST; Launch June 1, 2017

Find our Live FB Feed:  DEN OF PRIDE FB Group:

FB Group:

Live Video:

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7 Days to Launch: DEN OF PRIDE PODCAST

I am excited to announce that I reaching the pinnacle of all I have worked for and you are to bear the benefits.

7 Days to Launch:  DEN OF PRIDE PODCAST.

( will be moving to it’s new address

Join me live at 5:30pm, EST in the DEN OF PRIDE

Facebook Group – DEN OF PRIDE

7 Days to Launch


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21 Days to Launch: DEN OF PRIDE PODCAST

Today it begins. I begin to document a journey forward. My passion is fueled by the number of days that I was not fully aware of my journey; all of the days that went undocumented.

DEN OF PRIDE: Launch, June 1, 2017

This stands as document #1 (Written format) on the Journey of Men, inside the DEN OF PRIDE!

I have 21 days to launch. It is more than just a blog or a podcast. It is a positive, safe and empowering educational forum for the betterment of all. This is coaching! This is what it means to be a coach; empowering other to empower others.

Our world is about change. Change is inevitable. We must grow or we fail. If we don’t strive to be more do more and become more, then we are lost. Evolution is about growth. Evolution is inevitable.

Study—–Practice—–Teach! This is the real circle of life. We must study something new in order to regenerate. Then put what we learn into practice. Now teach it to others; empowering and adding value to others in the process.

DEN OF PRIDE has been in the works for many moons. Its evolution was inevitable.
DEN OF PRIDE is 21 Days from Launch. The launch is only the beginning; the start of something great. You are going to hear from me (and others), learn from me, live and grow with me. You will get to know who I am, what I am about and most of all, how I can help you do the same.

“I know who I am! I know where I am going! I know what I am doing to get there!” ~ RJ Horner

I can state these words out loud because I can back up that statement with my thoughts, beliefs and ideas. I want to show you how you can state this with the same confidence.
I have a program I am working on, let’s call it (JM) for now, but today is not about (JM), it’s about DOP, DEN OF PRIDE.

Day 21

Here is where I stand currently, on Day 21 of; 21 Days to Launch:

– Yesterday I recorded my 1st set of interviews.
– Woo Hoo! It’s official! This is real! It’s happening!
– I declared my intent to run a podcast for DEN OF PRIDE more than a month ago as a means to keep myself accountable. It worked.
– I started doing things to make it happen. Things started happening, falling before me in my path.
– I started taking courses and watching tutorials and webinars, joining groups and meeting people.
– I put the word out…DEN OF PRIDE is a podcast, launching June 1, 2017 and looking for guests.
– I looked at the equipment I had, what I would need, and where I might get them.
– Began the lengthy process of setting up studio, scheduling with guests (many postponements), sorry guests!
– I am doing this all by myself! Overwhelmed? Scary! Exciting! Out of my comfort zone. Woo Hoo!
– My first Interviews yesterday, went well, got some decent recordings…Ah!
– Editing, more guest bookings, record solo segments, add: Intro/Outro…BUSY!
– Set up Hosting and distribution channels

Day 20

Continue reading “21 Days to Launch: DEN OF PRIDE PODCAST”

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United We Stand!

(This article is leading up to something, Pay attention)

As a Canadian and an outside observer it is easy to say that the UNITED States of America would be much stronger if they could only practice what they preach.
This slogan, “United We Stand!” is America’s basic principle as a way of life and yet, when you observe the attitudes of most Americans you can easily see that this is the last consideration of a society based solely on individual concerns and achievement. They are not United as the principle suggests. The United States are just that individual States who are United under contract because they agreed to join a Union to make them stronger.
Yet as powerful and profound as this slogan is they fall far short of this principle. There are very few who would put the concerns and cares of another or even their country which they swear by, above their own. This is also the very basic animalistic choice of humanity. Though in fact it is not a choice. It is humanity behaving as they are programmed to act. Human beings are selfish by their deepest nature. We have only grown to the heights we have climbed because of the dreams and desires of individuals for the benefit of those same individuals or their elite and chosen few. Continue reading “United We Stand!”

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The Mastermind

Have you ever heard of the mastermind?

This concept was made famous through the teachings of Napoleon Hill. Many successful people who have followed those principles show its value reinforced through their continued success. Just as these successful people have followed this guidance, they have passed the knowledge and the potential for greatness associated with masterminds to those they mentor.

The mastermind has been proven to be a vital resource for personal and professional development. Any successful person will preach the value of the mastermind as the key to success. Today I know why. If you are looking to garner useful information, support or tools and tips pertinent to your personal or business growth, you can find that assistance with like-minded individuals in similar circumstances with dreams and visions that mesh with what you are trying to accomplish. They become your advisors and brain-trust.

Yesterday I attended my first official mastermind; Brampton Mastermind.  I am glad I did, I had been seeking one out for some time, even considered starting one of my own. Continue reading “The Mastermind”

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Finding Your Ideal Partner; They Are Closer Than You Think!

Why you should be working together.

They call them partners for a reason. Your girlfriend/boyfriend, fiancé, husband/wife; whoever they may be to you, your significant other is your better half. They compliment us and make up for our failing. Yet few of us realize the potential power they hold in having a partner.

When we think of the word partner, we are often presented with the image of a business partner, yet fail to realize that we have a life partner, one who is invested in us 100%. Because of that investment, likely 50/50 if you consider yourselves equal partners; and you should.

If you haven’t found yours yet, keep a lookout. When you find your partner, that one person who will devote themselves to you and everything you do, embrace them and never let them go (unless they can no longer support you, and that almost happened to me, but a discussion for another day).

Here is the key. Once you make that commitment, honor it. It doesn’t have to be a legal ceremony with a certificate and everything sworn in front of family and friends, just a undying devotion to work together to conquer all challenges you face…and face them together. Sometimes these are the best relationships because neither partner feels trapped by a legal obligation. Continue reading “Finding Your Ideal Partner; They Are Closer Than You Think!”

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Start Where You Are, Using What You Have! DEN OF PRIDE – HIRING

So here it is. DEN OF PRIDE is expanding.

If you follow DEN OF PRIDE at all, you would be aware that DEN OF PRIDE is changing it’s format to reach a broader audience. This format is the inclusion of a PODCAST: DEN OF PRIDE, (Thanks @samcrowley for helping me step up to make this happen.) I credit Sam Crowley, Every Day Is Saturday Podcast, because he spoke to me and motivated me on the same day as Tony Robbins told me (along with 15000 others) to take action, no amount of motivation and guidance matters if you do not take action.

I have gotten this far on the premise that you start where you are using what you have. This is fortunate because it has pushed me forward with making great progress, yet it is unfortunate in that I have done all this by myself to this point. I have started, with a free WordPress blog. Please visit us as This forum has grown through its message and our reach within social media. That growth could have been exponential if I had a team to assist me.

DEN OF PRIDE is ready and willing to grow. We are looking to expand and find the Dream Team; teammates who can help make this dream a reality. DEN OF PRIDE is a personal development forum dedicated to helping people make change in their lives and providing tips, tools and techniques within a safe environment to aid in their growth.

I am in the process of developing teams to help make this dream a reality. I pitched this program and it’s growth to my family and they were very receptive. If you are going to start where you are and use what you have. What better place to start? Using what I have? I looked at what I had and how I could use those resources to the best of my ability. We are preparing to pitch this dream to a larger audience. This is happening…fast and furious.

This is what I need to move further and faster!

TEAMS: Continue reading “Start Where You Are, Using What You Have! DEN OF PRIDE – HIRING”