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21 Days to Launch: DEN OF PRIDE PODCAST

Today it begins. I begin to document a journey forward. My passion is fueled by the number of days that I was not fully aware of my journey; all of the days that went undocumented.

DEN OF PRIDE: Launch, June 1, 2017

This stands as document #1 (Written format) on the Journey of Men, inside the DEN OF PRIDE!

I have 21 days to launch. It is more than just a blog or a podcast. It is a positive, safe and empowering educational forum for the betterment of all. This is coaching! This is what it means to be a coach; empowering other to empower others.

Our world is about change. Change is inevitable. We must grow or we fail. If we don’t strive to be more do more and become more, then we are lost. Evolution is about growth. Evolution is inevitable.

Study—–Practice—–Teach! This is the real circle of life. We must study something new in order to regenerate. Then put what we learn into practice. Now teach it to others; empowering and adding value to others in the process.

DEN OF PRIDE has been in the works for many moons. Its evolution was inevitable.
DEN OF PRIDE is 21 Days from Launch. The launch is only the beginning; the start of something great. You are going to hear from me (and others), learn from me, live and grow with me. You will get to know who I am, what I am about and most of all, how I can help you do the same.

“I know who I am! I know where I am going! I know what I am doing to get there!” ~ RJ Horner

I can state these words out loud because I can back up that statement with my thoughts, beliefs and ideas. I want to show you how you can state this with the same confidence.
I have a program I am working on, let’s call it (JM) for now, but today is not about (JM), it’s about DOP, DEN OF PRIDE.

Day 21

Here is where I stand currently, on Day 21 of; 21 Days to Launch:

– Yesterday I recorded my 1st set of interviews.
– Woo Hoo! It’s official! This is real! It’s happening!
– I declared my intent to run a podcast for DEN OF PRIDE more than a month ago as a means to keep myself accountable. It worked.
– I started doing things to make it happen. Things started happening, falling before me in my path.
– I started taking courses and watching tutorials and webinars, joining groups and meeting people.
– I put the word out…DEN OF PRIDE is a podcast, launching June 1, 2017 and looking for guests.
– I looked at the equipment I had, what I would need, and where I might get them.
– Began the lengthy process of setting up studio, scheduling with guests (many postponements), sorry guests!
– I am doing this all by myself! Overwhelmed? Scary! Exciting! Out of my comfort zone. Woo Hoo!
– My first Interviews yesterday, went well, got some decent recordings…Ah!
– Editing, more guest bookings, record solo segments, add: Intro/Outro…BUSY!
– Set up Hosting and distribution channels

Day 20

This is Day 20 of a 21 day launch countdown for my Podcast: DEN OF PRIDE.

I have been working on this project for many moons and now it is less than one moon away. I am very excited and very scared. This is exactly what I needed to motivate me. I have given myself a deadline and I am now accountable. Things are progressing in almost pre-destined fashion. As I need something it appears to be offered up before me.
Today was a unique day. Good times and some not so good times:

– I had one interview scheduled for today. This was a conversation about the journey of personal development and discovery. This went Awesome. I was very pleased with the exchange.
– The countdown to launch is all about connecting with the audience and reaching out to those who might be able to influence or support my launch. Emails! Emails! Emails!
– I had an AWESOME Bomb dropped on me today…someone sent me a video…
o “You are AWESOME! I just thought I would tell you that…You probably haven’t heard that lately…
– What a great motivator. Just before my interview too.
– Technical difficulties. I cannot find the contact information for my Skype Interview – Guest in the DEN OF PRIDE.
– Whew…found it! Only 3 minutes late.
– Found myself lost after interview. My laptop froze after interview. Hope all is well with footage.
– Rebooted laptop
– Getting Emails out about DOP Launch…How can you help?

Day 19

Today I want to tell you about the negative moments I have been experiencing. I do believe in the notion that you must persist until you succeed, but I am also removing any negativity from my life to the best of my ability. If I have control over it then I can freely eliminate it. So negativity holds no sway over me.

As I mentioned, I was reaching out to other organizations with similar missions and those that I belong to or am associated with. I was expecting only positive results but that was not the case. I was extremely disappointed to find some negative responses. They DO NOT want to be “pitched”.

I can understand that but the way these messages were delivered were as a reprimand for my attempt to reach out to others who might help or at least support my efforts, at the very least they would want to associate themselves with my venture. They never even considered what I was doing and the value to them or others. I understand and I will move on. One of those groups was my very own Toastmasters group. You would think that that they would want to be supportive and involved in a podcast of one of their members. Just the fact that one of their members is moving on to something so prestigious and united with their mission would be beneficial to their purpose. As I said, so be it. I am moving on.

I also believe that I am being guided by the hand of the Universe. I know that sounds like malarkey or hokey religious B.S. but this is my state of mind. No, I am not crazy, under the influence of some cult or anything like that, though I might have been brainwashed. I watch videos, listen to audios, attends seminars and webinars, read books. I know about this motivation stuff. I am motivated and I know how to motivate others. If this is what brainwashed does to you then I am all for it. My eyes are wide open and I am seeing things more clearly than I ever have in a long time (maybe ever).

I see things clearly and I am able to make decisions more easily. Life is much simpler, though it wasn’t always that way. It has been a long journey of growth and discovery. I am ready fot this!

“I know who I am! I know where I am going! I know what I am doing to get there!” ˜ RJ Horner

I am able to say this because of where I have been and where I have come from. I have grown. I am a different man today than I was years a go, in fact I would like to believe that now I am different man with every passing day. I constantly learn and grow. There are many things I have discovered about myself and the world.

Now I cannot help but want to aid others in their growth. That is what led to DEN OF PRIDE. It is a coaching platform to help other find their WAY. I want others to be able to make the same statement as I just did.

Join me in the DEN OFPRIDE for this journey of discovery and growth.

Today other than acknowledge these emails I have done nothing. I was feeling drained today and could not find the energy to concentrate on work. I took a day for me. Huh? OH? That can’t be good.

Not to worry I will be back at it hard tomorrow.

Day 18

It is a weekend, Saturday May 13, 2017 and our deadline is looming closer. These are exciting times and only getting more apprehensive the closer it gets. I am not exactly prepared because this is something I just don’t do and I am not familiar with the process or the protocol for this venture. I am proceeding with caution but I am doing what is necessary to progress. I am taking action and completing the steps to get it all done.

I have three complete recordings for our show, DEN OF PRIDE. I have two more booked at this time. Today was spent on garnering more bookings for the show. I sent out a handful of responses for pre-interview bookings. It was difficult finding time to do this in the midst of social and quality time. I only needed an hour today to make the little progression for our release date of June 1, 2017.

I am considering arranging something special for a release date, possibly a release party and live recording as a Special Launch Event. This is just a thought at this time but I am considering how to make it a reality. I am reaching out to those people who could make it happen.

18 days to go. Loving every minute of it.

Day 17

It can be difficult finding time to attend to business, especially when that business is operating part-time, outside of a full-time job and you find yourself struggling to maintain your family time. Managing any business requires dedication to your craft. Failure to do so also leads to failure of your business. So regardless of what your plans are they require unwavering commitment.

On Day 17, 5 days into a launch of the podcast in the DEN OFPRIDE. While wavering slightly, my motivation is not what I want it to be. I would hope to be more committed and focussed on what I need to succeed. I am not doing what I need to be doing in order to complete this project to my satisfaction

Regardless of my lack of motivation, I do have the drive and dedication to my vision. In the spirit of that drive it is important to do something every day in the pursuit of one’s goals, in keeping to your dream. It is imperative to do even those little things that help you complete the larger tasks. One task at a time, combined with the unwavering commitment and daily progression toward one’s goals will eventually lead to the success you desire.

The little things I am doing amount to keeping the interviews going, preparing and booking interviews that are suitable to the show and our purpose. This alone will help maintain progress toward my dreams. Today the little things I am doing are keeping the interview process going and documenting the journey,

In the coming weeks I know the things I need to accomplish to get this off the ground on time. I must record my own segments, edit the show I do have and prepare them for posting. I also have to purchase hosting and set-up accounts for distribution. I am also looking at hosting a podcast launch for June 1, perhaps a live recording and party for the launch. The actual release date for my podcasts will be on June 2nd. It will be a weekly podcast release from that point forward.

Do something every day…keep it up, keep going. Good Luck.



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