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United We Stand!

(This article is leading up to something, Pay attention)

As a Canadian and an outside observer it is easy to say that the UNITED States of America would be much stronger if they could only practice what they preach.
This slogan, “United We Stand!” is America’s basic principle as a way of life and yet, when you observe the attitudes of most Americans you can easily see that this is the last consideration of a society based solely on individual concerns and achievement. They are not United as the principle suggests. The United States are just that individual States who are United under contract because they agreed to join a Union to make them stronger.
Yet as powerful and profound as this slogan is they fall far short of this principle. There are very few who would put the concerns and cares of another or even their country which they swear by, above their own. This is also the very basic animalistic choice of humanity. Though in fact it is not a choice. It is humanity behaving as they are programmed to act. Human beings are selfish by their deepest nature. We have only grown to the heights we have climbed because of the dreams and desires of individuals for the benefit of those same individuals or their elite and chosen few.
Yet the statement looms before us, “United We Stand.” It is an absolute fact! There is safety in numbers and strength to be found in combined force. If it so true and America is most certainly one of the strongest countries in the world, then how can I possibly state with confidence that Americans are selfish? I can state that based on what I have already told you. America was built on the dreams of individuals and the backs of manual labor, a low-paid and abused labor force, not because they combined their talent or resources to create that greatness together.
United We Stand!
This suggests a modicum of togetherness. In case you haven’t noticed this is a lead-in from last weeks article which asked you to look closely when seeking a partner (The ONE). As a society we can work together for the greater good of all mankind. Some would call this Socialism, but I am an advocate for Capitalism and yet I believe we look at Capitalism in the wrong way. I believe that we can work together and achieve greatness together and ALL share in the profit while achieving ALL of our individual dreams. We can do this creating better relationships and living a life of intention, abundance and satisfaction.
United We Stand!
The more we work together and agree with each other, the more of us there are might realize, we can work together and we can accomplish more. Together we can be more, do more and achieve more. The more of us that can consider this an option may now consider more possibilities. This will be paid forward by the greater numbers who are collaborating and creating more possibilities. When we work together we can create great things.
Yet we don’t work together. Many of us do not even work well with their partners. If you treat your partner as an equal; as a person with equal intelligence and similar skills and accomplishments, then you can work together to accomplish great deeds and overcome all challenges placed before you. They are called partner for a reason. This is your first and most important partner.
Partners can be found in all aspects of life if you treat people as equals. There are equal and opposite personalities that would make excellent collaborators who bring different, yet equal skills and assets to make life even greater. We can work less to create more because many hands make light work. Together we can achieve greatness. Together we can change the world.
United We Stand!
If we come together, work together as equal partners then there are no limits to what we can achieve. If we unite & collaborate to achieve more and do more. Find partners to work with and grow with to achieve more and be all you can be. No I am not asking you to join the Army, I am asking you to band together.
Unite! Collaborate! Create!


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