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The Mastermind

Have you ever heard of the mastermind?

This concept was made famous through the teachings of Napoleon Hill. Many successful people who have followed those principles show its value reinforced through their continued success. Just as these successful people have followed this guidance, they have passed the knowledge and the potential for greatness associated with masterminds to those they mentor.

The mastermind has been proven to be a vital resource for personal and professional development. Any successful person will preach the value of the mastermind as the key to success. Today I know why. If you are looking to garner useful information, support or tools and tips pertinent to your personal or business growth, you can find that assistance with like-minded individuals in similar circumstances with dreams and visions that mesh with what you are trying to accomplish. They become your advisors and brain-trust.

Yesterday I attended my first official mastermind; Brampton Mastermind.  I am glad I did, I had been seeking one out for some time, even considered starting one of my own.

The mastermind is a gathering of people meeting with a specific purpose dedicated to the improvement of the individual attendees or the group as a whole. I have no previous experience to call upon but I was impressed and elated by the scene. It lifted me to heights of exultation and ignited my passion. This meeting appeared to be a well structured environment that was designed to bring together entrepreneurs from all walks of life, stages of business, fields, skills and interests.

There were about 40 attendees that night and we were all encouraged to network before and after a presentation. Then our group was facilitated in a discussion of our business interests, the stage of our growth and any problems we are currently facing. This was an invaluable resource. You cannot put a price on this offering.

Once I began talking about my business venture; what I was doing, where I was going with it and the trouble I was currently facing, I was talking all night, speaking with people about how we can work together. I left there last night with a stronger sense of value and certainty that what I was doing would provide a valuable service and fill a vital need. We also shared useful information, along with valuable tips and tools to help each other move forward.

I made some incredible contacts to give my business a giant leap forward, handing out my business card to all who asked, and many did. This was one of the most exciting events I have ever attended. I commanded a lot of attention because my project resonated with other people. It was both exciting and nerve wracking. Like I said though, the scarier it gets, the more excited I become.

I made many useful contacts. I met some people who linked me up with other business owners. I also shared some of the same value with the other attendees. I cannot wait to attend other similar events to see if this would be of interest on other social fronts, but this group is of particular interest to me, holding a special place in my heart because it was the first meeting which launched me further than I had gone by trying to do it all by myself.

If you are looking to grow in any way or looking for support on any venture of your life. Reach out and find a mastermind group that works for you. Make sure it suits your needs, there are many groups on dedicated to any and all specific needs. There are other such groups to be found through many business resoures. Search out or Google Search; Networking Events or Masterminds.

Have you been looking and still not finding what you seek? Create your own group. Just begin by telling people what you are looking for, what you need and how you might be able to help one another.

In fact that is the key to success in all ventures. Tell people; what you are doing and what you need. You could only imagine the help and support I received just by telling people what I was working on. Begin where you are, using what you have. What you could have is support, guidance and expert advice available to you. All you have to do is ask.

Join a group or seek out a Mastermind today.


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