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Finding Your Ideal Partner; They Are Closer Than You Think!

Why you should be working together.

They call them partners for a reason. Your girlfriend/boyfriend, fiancé, husband/wife; whoever they may be to you, your significant other is your better half. They compliment us and make up for our failing. Yet few of us realize the potential power they hold in having a partner.

When we think of the word partner, we are often presented with the image of a business partner, yet fail to realize that we have a life partner, one who is invested in us 100%. Because of that investment, likely 50/50 if you consider yourselves equal partners; and you should.

If you haven’t found yours yet, keep a lookout. When you find your partner, that one person who will devote themselves to you and everything you do, embrace them and never let them go (unless they can no longer support you, and that almost happened to me, but a discussion for another day).

Here is the key. Once you make that commitment, honor it. It doesn’t have to be a legal ceremony with a certificate and everything sworn in front of family and friends, just a undying devotion to work together to conquer all challenges you face…and face them together. Sometimes these are the best relationships because neither partner feels trapped by a legal obligation.

When you do have your partner, together you can accomplish any task or find the resolve for any challenge you are faced with. You are stronger together because you form a team united in a common cause. Take it, run with it, relish in it because it is rare to find someone that would so devote themselves to someone so whole-heartedly. Most of us usually enter into agreements with some trepidation, reserving some possible exit plan in case things don’t work out.

Should you be looking (and you should) for that person who will give you everything, work completely to make you better, not force you but support, motivate and inspire you, and most of all work with you toward achieving your joint goals and dreams? You must always be on the lookout for life is full of opportunities. Life (or the Universe) will continue to place opportunities before you but if you fail to notice or take action the fault can be placed on no one but you.

If you have found that partner, then consider best how to work together to accomplish all your dreams and desires. We all have wish list or bucket lists that we would like to believe we can complete, but quite often only dream about them as possibilities, never once considering that they can make those dreams a reality. The joint accomplishments of combined efforts will take you one step at a time toward all of your desires.
Of course there are two other factors that must be in play for you to make progress toward any dreams you may have.

1. Knowing where to start.
“Start where you are using what you have.” Teddy Roosevelt.

2. Focus – Intense focus directed toward achieving one specific goal.

This works best though if you have a ream, even just with your partner that you can delegate assignments to a person who is best suited to the task.


1. Seek out (Keep your eyes peeled) for your equal partner. They do not have to be just like you, in fact they should not be that much like you. They should possess skill in areas that you are lacking. You should find a partner that is going to make up for your personal or professional failings.

2. Take time to determine your combined direction. What are each of your dreams, desires and goals. Which goals are best served to your combined wishes?

3. Break up and delegate those tasks to make the most productive gains.


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