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Start Where You Are, Using What You Have! DEN OF PRIDE – HIRING

So here it is. DEN OF PRIDE is expanding.

If you follow DEN OF PRIDE at all, you would be aware that DEN OF PRIDE is changing it’s format to reach a broader audience. This format is the inclusion of a PODCAST: DEN OF PRIDE, (Thanks @samcrowley for helping me step up to make this happen.) I credit Sam Crowley, Every Day Is Saturday Podcast, because he spoke to me and motivated me on the same day as Tony Robbins told me (along with 15000 others) to take action, no amount of motivation and guidance matters if you do not take action.

I have gotten this far on the premise that you start where you are using what you have. This is fortunate because it has pushed me forward with making great progress, yet it is unfortunate in that I have done all this by myself to this point. I have started, with a free WordPress blog. Please visit us as This forum has grown through its message and our reach within social media. That growth could have been exponential if I had a team to assist me.

DEN OF PRIDE is ready and willing to grow. We are looking to expand and find the Dream Team; teammates who can help make this dream a reality. DEN OF PRIDE is a personal development forum dedicated to helping people make change in their lives and providing tips, tools and techniques within a safe environment to aid in their growth.

I am in the process of developing teams to help make this dream a reality. I pitched this program and it’s growth to my family and they were very receptive. If you are going to start where you are and use what you have. What better place to start? Using what I have? I looked at what I had and how I could use those resources to the best of my ability. We are preparing to pitch this dream to a larger audience. This is happening…fast and furious.

This is what I need to move further and faster!


  • Production Team:
    – Broadcasting Team
    o Booking Agent
    o Recording & Editing
    – Booking Team
    o Email management
    o Scheduling
    o Production
    – Email & Social Media Marketing
    o Email Mktg. Campaigns
    o Social Media Promotion
    – Content Management
    o Show Notes & Blog
    o Social Media Engagement
    – Sales Team
    o Sponsorships, Affiliates
    o Programs & Courses

And More!

Compensation is my biggest issue to be resolved!

In order to gain the help I need I am asking those who are interested in creating something great to take a chance on me and help me in achieving my dreams. Helping to make my vision a reality.

DEN OF PRIDE will be more than just a blog or a PODCAST. It is going to be a forum for education and development. We will encourage and provide others with information and tools they need to aid in their growth. I already have several programs planned, but I need teammates.


Here is what I ask…for all my hires.

Give me 6 months of your time. – 6 month internship. Where we will agree on a percentage point on a commission basis. At the end of those 6 months you will be paid and we may begin to renegotiate terms for any continued employment opportunities.
6 months. Give me that much. Bring your skills and knowledge based on your experience. Invest those skills into our vision and together we can help promote a better world by helping others discover their dreams.


Join our TEAM!

Visit us:
Contact us:

I can’t wait to hear from you. Tell me how you can help! Tell me you want to help! Let’s talk about how to make it happen. Let’s talk about how to make dreams a reality!

RJ Horner,


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