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Living Uncomfortable; Stand by your Decisions

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” ~ Coach John Wooden

We mentioned yesterday that taking action, embracing change and being proactive were keys to success. This leads us to our topic of discussion for today. These three subjects prepare you for the greater purpose of personal growth.

When we look ahead and try to anticipate what lies before us we often become nervous. We may stress out and find ourselves sweating the small stuff even though we have no idea just what possible outcomes we might be faced with. Again, we can prepare for what we might encounter but we cannot take action if we do not adjust to each moment. Thus we are nervous and afraid of the potential for failure.

As stated by Coach Wooden, we can prepare so that we limit the possibility of failure. We do this by gaining knowledge and experience, taking training and utilizing skills that we have learned from a lifetime of moments.

When we do have a challenge that holds us frozen like a deer in the headlights, we must take that as a learning moment, examining what froze us in the first place and how we eventually reached a resolve. Each of these moments build up a storage of possible tools that you can call upon to utilize, thus we may become better, stronger and more prepared when time attempts to overtake us.

You have most certainly heard it before but;

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

So if you are going to be strong and powerful and ready to solve any challenge that comes along, you need to be able to handle getting uncomfortable. By being complacent we become lost and dissatisfied within our bubble of security, not at all ready to take on life as it arrives.

Any successful person would tell you to become abnormal because normal is broke, normal breeds contentment. If you want to achieve anything in your life you need to do things that you would not normally do. That is getting out your comfort zone. Doing things that are abnormal can be daunting and even scary. Even though I am suggesting that you take that leap, you need not be afraid anymore. You can feel confident and even a little excited by the prospect of going with the flow.

To help reinforce the point, let me tell you about the elevated state I am in right now. My current venture is definitely outside of my normal activity. I am the type that likes to do what I have always done. My actions of late have me feeling that every moment is exhilarating. I am currently entering into a business venture which is something I have always dreamed of. I am an employee not an employer. The closer I get to actually launching, the more intense it becomes, but the more tense it is the more hyper I feel.

This nervous tension is actually very exciting. By staying removed from my comfort zone I am feeling energetically charged like I never have before. The venture I allude to might be familiar to you from my previous posts. This blog, DEN OF PRIDE is becoming DEN OF PRIDE PODCAST in an effort to reach more people with the messages I deliver. The blog will be more of a recap and show notes from interviews or monologues and lessons.

This state of euphoria came about because of one simple word. A word that I adopted as my New Year’s Resolution. You see, instead of making some declaration that would only fizz out within a month, I take some statement designed to make some progress or growth in my life. I decided to make this resolve last year after I took note of a series of possible resolutions that could come true only by making some serious changes in my life, so in January 2016 I declared, “I am going to make things happen for me.” This resolution helped me take strides toward becoming successful.

Therefore in January 2017, I declared one word that would help me achieve more than I ever thought possible. That word is ACTION! By taking action when the conundrum arises; what should I do? I am able to get more done because I hardly hesitate in the face of indecision. I act in accordance with my WHY. Life is grand because I am doing things out of the ordinary as I begin doing what I love. I am abnormal.

As a fellow podcaster and the man who encouraged me to become a podcaster, Sam Crowley (@samcrowley) believes that abnormal means above normal or so they say on his show Every Day Is Saturday, which I love by the way. That in itself is exciting.

Life couldn’t be any more wonderful. Take things beyond what you find to be normal into a world full of unknown to develop a fun-filled life. I am no longer grounded.

“I believe I can fly.”  –  R. Kelly

Yes it took time to develop this belief but I implore you to join me and take the necessary first steps toward a greater life, one worth living.

I am soaring. I am evolved. I would like to believe abnormal and I want you to become abnormal too.


1. Decide what it is that is holding you back.
2. Make a conscious decision to step out of your comfort zone.
3. Ride out the euphoria that comes from knowing that you don’t know what will happen next (YOU CAN HANDLE IT!)

Good Luck and enjoy the journey!


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