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How to Prepare for Unexpected Change.

I owe my faithful followers an apology because I have not posted in a couple of weeks.  I have been busy preparing for the future of DEN OF PRIDE.  That is no excuse to ignore the platform that started it all.

You might remember that we will begin hosting DEN OF PRIDE PODCAST starting June 2017.  I am very excited about this venture even though it is scary moving forward with something that you have no control over.  Or at least, something that is totally new to your way of life.  If you are used to the same old, same old and jump out of the gate with something new, you can be overwhelmed.

I am taking this journey one step at a time and going with the flow.  I am planning the steps I will take and then systematically taking action.  This is the future I have imagined and the only way to achieve it is to implement my vision and go after it.  Chasing the dream is wonderful and excitiing.

  •  There will be two posts this week, one today and another scheduled for tomorrow, so that you are not forced to tune out by a lengthy or wordy post.  Enjoy!

“If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”
~ Henry Ford

We all know, at least those familiar with personal development, that the key to achievement is taking action. Yet another key is change. Change is inevitable. You should therefore embrace change to such a degree that it guides your life onward. By accepting change as an absolute factor of life you will be able to go with the flow of transition within your life.

Knowing what life will bring us is truly impossible. We simply cannot know what we don’t know. Is this anything you can exude any control over? Do you have any influence on those circumstances beyond your control? Think about this, can you change your future from within your present? The answer to all of these questions is resounding.


How can one move forward with confidence when there is no possibility of knowing what lies ahead? We keep moving forward because we must, but the future is scary. Life goes on after all. We have no possibility of staying put or even resisting what will inevitably take control over us if we let it, time. If we fail to take some sort of action when circumstances prevail we will find ourselves struggling through time, which keeps on going and evolving whether we want it to or not. After all we can only respond when faced with most situations, right?

Not necessarily.

We can be proactive, thus putting ourselves in a position to take appropriate action by being prepared through training and practice (The true circle of life: Study, Practice, Teach). Learn how to respond to a situation, not react.

I am more than willing to tell you that this was my problem for a very long time. I was reactionary not responsive. I have learned that if you are constantly reacting to situations as they arrive, then you are destined to continually be putting out fires. This activity is pure folly. You must put yourself in a position to be able to respond effectively so that you are properly equipped and prepared should a fire come along.

Being proactive is taking action before it is necessary to do so which in turn allows us to transition more smoothly as challenges do arrive. We may then begin to think of these moments as challenges or concerns rather than problem situations or issues. Setting ourselves up this way are prepared by our previous experiences, or rather past failures.

Expect and prepare for change, be procative so that you can take appropriate action!



One thought on “How to Prepare for Unexpected Change.

  1. You cant predict the future but must always takes steps towards your dreams.
    I believe your dreams will be your fuel when nothing else is available.
    Never stop no matter what.


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