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Coming Soon: DEN OF PRIDE Podcast

DEN OF PRIDE is getting ready to expand.  We are looking to go Pro.  The purpose of this forum was to reach as many people as possible with a message that carried more than just faith and hope.  Hope is not a plan.  To be prepared, you need a plan and that plan requires confidence in oneself.

We created the DEN OF PRIDE in order to convey that message to the world.  You are powerful!  You are capable!  You are confident!  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  That is why you are here.  DEN OF PRIDE is a supportive circle to seek empowerment and continuous improvement.  Together we can change the world as we improve our individual and collective confidence level.

In our effort to have our voice reach as many ears as possible we are ready to further our reach.  Our message is limited to page format.  Our voice needs to expand its reach.  This will lead us to our next venture.  Join us; assist us in reaching others with our collective voice.  Our voice will be heard.

Coming Soon:  DEN OF PRIDE – PODCAST;  June 1, 2017

4 formats, 1 episode per week.

  1. Opinion/Education – Solo/Co-Host
  2. Influential Interviews – Guest Leaders/Influencers
  3. A Study in Success – Solo/Co-Host
  4. What’s Your Story – Guest Speaker
  5. If there is a fifth week in a month we will take a break (No Episode) will be moving to a new location, as self-hosted forum.  Stay tuned for our new location.

Looking for Co-Host:

Interested?  Apply at

Looking for Guests:

(Our Social Media followers, this is your opportunity to reach out to new markets)

2 Segments for Guests:

  1. Influential Interviews
    1. – Influencers and Leaders in various industries
  2. What’s Your Story?  (Must be willing to share there difficult path to enlightenment)
    1. – Are you willing to share your success stories?
    2. – Overcoming Adversity!
    3. – Rags to Riches!
    4. – Inspiring stories to motivate others to action!

Inquiries for Guests or Co-Host:

Coming Soon:  DEN OF PRIDE – PODCAST, June 1, 2017


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