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Prepare! Non-Judgement Day is Coming!

We always hear people talking about doomsday.

“The apocalypse is coming!”

“The end is nigh!”

These are thoughts of negative people.  It is time to leave those statements in the dust.  When you hear negativity like that you cannot help but rolling your eyes and running the other way.  Otherwise you end up talking about what a crackpot this guy is.

  • You ever notice it’s always a guy, never a woman.  That’s because women are saying, “Brother you don’t know nothing about nothing.  Call me when you have to cook, clean, manage a household and work a full-time job.  What do men have to do?  Work and take out the trash?  Huh?”  Women know about hard times and men, well maybe some of us are wishing for the apocalypse.

OK.  That was a sidebar…off on a little tangent there. This thought all came about because of a bumper sticker I saw that made my day.  You have to appreciate the little things in life.  As I was driving along on a bright sunny spring day, it was cold but it was the second day of spring and I saw a fat Robin looking for worms to prove that spring is on the horizon, I saw this bumper sticker on a car.  I could not help but laugh.  You so often see and hear the opposite.  There is so much negativity in the world that it is hard to see the positive through the storm clouds.

This little moment of enlightenment did not fall on deaf ears.  It is proof that a little positivity does get spread around if we just look for the good in everything.  I knew that the moment I saw this sign it was just that, a sign.  One that I was meant to see and one that I was meant to pass on to you.  We can all use a little, hell a lot more positivity in our lives.  There is too much negativity that could pull us down like the sinking Titanic at any given moment.

This was proven less than ½ hour later as I was enjoy a nice peaceful walk in downtown Kitchener through the history and grandeur, and oh yeah, the construction (all in the name of improvement, more positivity).  I was walking along, enjoy my podcast when I see a guy on the corner ahead, yelling at the top of his lungs at who, I could not guess for there was no one else around him.  What could he possibly have to be pissed off at on this beautiful day?  The Universe was telling me it was so, yet here was this guy marring that beauty.

I remember noting thought that this could have easily been me just a short time ago.  Just a few short years ago I would be that guy that would flip out at the slightest provocation.  I was him, once upon a time.  I could only hope that whatever had troubled him was only temporary and would fade from his life just as fast as it arose.

I do not need that kind of negative influences in my life so I turned slightly and headed in a different direction.  I did not judge, if anything I empathized with him.  Hell I was him, yes?

Why?  The sign of course.  That bumper sticker that read, “Non-judgement day is coming.”

Prepare for it!  Pass it on!  This message is important!  Let these words go viral!

Non-judgement day is coming!


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