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What’s Stopping You? Money?

Still not motivated?  What is it now?

Is money a problem?  It was for me.  This is one of the excuses that was most prevalent in my life.    I was held up and virtually stopped in my tracks like a deer in the headlights, unable to decide on any direction.  This was more than an excuse or even a roadblock.  It was a brick wall, kind of like the Great Wall of China.  How was I going to get past this?

The problem I faced was that I had not ever considered this problem this way.  I had not considered this as a challenge.  It was the farthest thing from my mind because it had just become a fact of life.  I was broke, so how could I possibly do anything; how could I achieve anything?  You know, it takes money to make money.  This is a statement of fact, but we do not examine it any further because we believe it which limits our thinking.

We believe what we think we hear.  There is an expression that we believe as fact.  We hear, “…money is the root of all evil.”  and we think, “Ooh.  I am not an evil person.  I don’t want that kind of money.”  But here is the expression.

“The love of money is the root of all evil.”

It is ok to want money.  It is ok to earn money.  It is even ok to want more money.  Heck, it is even ok to want to be rich.  It is when we become obsessed with money to the point that it consumes our very existence.  If it becomes all we think about then it becomes more important than all other people and purposes or values in your life.

Money is important in life only to the extent of what it allows you to do with it.  Without money you are limited, that is true, but you are not lost.  If you have an idea or a dream, just set it as a goal and begin working toward it.  As you make progress and get closer to that goal, life will place before you the means to achieve your dreams.

Regardless of your limitations, if you are working toward a definite goal, the Universe will recognize that you truly want to realize this dream.  It will place in your path the resources you require.  If money is not available to you, it will be.  You may not come into money.  Someone will come along who has this and will be willing to invest in you and your idea.

Just begin.  Take strides toward your dreams.  But be definite about what it is you want.  Your thoughts determine your actions and actions determine your results.  If money is your problem.  Fear not, it will be provided.  This may sound off the wall and crazy to those who are struggling for money.  I was, and as I began to concern myself with how to gain control of my finances, whenever I had a challenge in obtaining money, an option was provided.  Something came along, crisis averted.

Now whenever I have concerns about money, I simply concentrate on my needs.  My needs are provided for.  I have faith that my issues will be resolved.  They always are.  This happened without fail.

I end this short post with my favorite quote that keeps me moving and removes excuses from my life.

“Take the first step in faith.  You don’t need to see the whole staircase, just the first step.”     –     Martin Luther King, Jr.



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