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What’s stopping you? Education?

There are numerous reasons, but really they are just excuses or justifications people use that allow them to pass up on their dreams.  The fact remains that people are thankful for these excuses as they allow them to remain complacent, stable and quite frankly stagnant.  No justification is good enough to find oneself never moving forward toward greater purposes.  Get busy living or get busy dying!

It is to our individual benefit and to the benefit of all that we strive to become better.  If we ourselves improve then we influence those around us in a positive and more guiding light.  So these excuses only bar us from the hope filled life we not only desire but should demand of ourselves.  So let’s take strides to remove those excuses from our lives.

We can do this by believing that all things are possible.  If we begin to think in terms of possibilities then we take the responsibility back into our own hands.  The first of these possibilities that I will tackle is education.  Though we will take on this topic in a later post, I used to blame money on my lack of education.  When I began to look at the possibilities I came up with options.  No longer would education or financial resources be my excuse.

There proved to be many options out there that would satisfy my need to improve myself and my knowledge.  The best part is that most of these options I will discuss are FREE, that’s right absolutely FREE.  It was amazing of the number of FREE resources available if you just start looking.  I have learned a lot from many sources that were all FREE of charge, or whenever possible, I invested a small amount if I could afford the money to spare.

I would highly recommend spending the money on courses in the interest of improving yourself and your knowledge.  If you already have the financial resources to spare than I would suggest you seek out those courses that will suit you purposes (in line with your dreams).  You must consider that an investment in your education is invaluable to your growth.

“Formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune.”                      –  Jim Rohn

So here are several sources for FREE educational resources:

  1. Webinars/Seminars:

The number of people in modern days who are putting their knowledge out there for all of us to learn from them is tremendous.  Every Day, all day long you can find links on social media for webinars on self-improvement.  Yes, they do this in the interest of signing you up for their courses, workshops or coaching sessions.  Yet in their attempt to entice you they do provide a reasonable amount of their knowledge and experience to teach you some basic skills in their area of expertise.


There are also many seminars where they will invite the masses to a hall or conference room for a presentation from an expert or multiple panelists who again share their experience and knowledge with as many people as they can accommodate.  They do this again in the interest of selling you on their programs, yet you do not need to purchase anything and you could gain some valuable knowledge, at the very least some direction to move forward.  Some of these seminars are FREE but others do come with a limited cost ($10 – $25).  I would still recommend them and the value you receive is often far greater than the cost involved.


  1. Online Courses:


With the growth of the internet and the possibility of coaching and sales and affiliate marketing, the potential to learn online is abundant.  There is more knowledge and education available on the web than there ever has been and that will only continue to grow for the foreseeable future.  So I would highly suggest you look into these options.


Many of these programs are designed to provide you with educational resources, whether they be online databases or mapped out classes with or without instructor guidance.  Online structured courses that are instructor led will take you through a course designed to take you from start to finish toward gaining a certificate or course knowledge.  The online databases are pre-recorded videos, articles or blog post format that you may peruse at your own leisure to gain the directed knowledge that will be beneficial to your desired learning.


There is also a massive amount of medium out there that is made available to the public for FREE.  Online databases of videos not just as courses but just for the sake of accumulating or building a library of online videos.  Just about everyone is familiar with YouTube now.  This resource contains many public videos posted by anyone so you need to question the source and the purpose of the posted video.  Many people post videos designed to teach the public of their skills that can provide useful and of course might just land them a contract.  There are also an abundance of materials just for educational purposes.  Audiobooks and educational seminars that have been recorded and posted for public knowledge.


  1. Books(Audiobooks)/Magazines/Newspapers:


I am sure I do not need to explain what books are, everyone is taught how to read from an early age.  What I will mention is reading is for more than just entertainment.  We often like to forget or possibly decide that once we leave school we leave learning behind.  There are many books out there that were designed not just as educational manuals but storytelling and non-fiction aimed at teaching others.  These books are aimed at self-development both personal and professional, and let’s not forget autobiographies.  You can learn more than you ever did in school from the stories of others who have been where you desire to go.


Now we must also mention that of course there are physical books but that with the growth of Tablets, Smartphones and E-readers we have the potential to read even more.  E-books have taken on a whole new life.  These are books that you can download to your mobile device using a reader or app to read books in electronic format.  Books both physical and electronic are available for purchase from many sources.  You can visit a bookstore to purchase both new and used physical books.  You can also visit websites like Amazon, Kobo or Barnes & Noble where you can find all formats of books.  You may even find many eBooks offered for free.


If you do not have the patience or the interest in reading a physical book.  There is now an abundance of audiobooks or books on CD.  They can also be downloaded as audio mp3 and mp4 files on your mobile device.  These audio selections can be taken with you wherever you go.  Some of the masters of personal development call this Auto University because you can play them in your car as you commute to and from work or school.  Even if reading is not your strongest asset, you can still find a medium to learn.


Let’s not forget about Magazines and Newspapers.  These resources are available at any newsstand or local convenience store for purchase.  They are also available in subscription purchase format.  Though these are generally limited to local or regional sources, the internet has made global availability more conceivable.


  1. Library:


This is the most valuable resource and it is available to almost all of us.  This resource is offered for FREE in most modern civilizations worldwide.  All you need to access this resource is a Public Library Card.  Of course this goes without saying that you will have to register, so all you need is ID and proof of address.  If you have that requirement met, this is a FREE resource.

Once upon a time the Public Library only made books available to the public.  They could borrow those books for a term of two to three weeks and return them on time.  If those books are returned late you are required to pay a late return fee.  The library has grown, as all things have, with the inception of the internet.

The library is now large and all inclusive.  It has become an invaluable resource.  There are resources of every nature available at the library.  You can now learn for FREE from many of the available resources which are no longer limited to books.  The Public Library now has the largest selection of FREE resources available anywhere.  Knowledge is within your grasp, you just need to reach out and take it.

Your library is likely within a few kilometres or less than five to ten miles of your home.  With a library card you now have access to an unimaginable quantity of resources.  Of course the library has books, but now they have much more.  I wasn’t joking, they are the ultimate resource for educational material, as well as products for entertainment value and leisure.

Today though we are discussing their potential for education and knowledge.  At your library you will be able to find those books as well as magazines in their physical form.  They even offer audiobooks and videos of both non-fiction and fiction as well as blockbuster movies available to borrow.  But it does not end there.  They also have electronic formats to cater to all your needs.  Online through your libraries website you will likely find access to even more in the form of E-books, magazines, and DVD’s but music for leisure and an abundance of educational courses.

Believe it or not I have just scratched the surface of the capability and access you receive with your library card.  If you do not already have a library card go out and get one.  All you need is some ID and proof of address.  (Sorry, if you are homeless, you don’t qualify.)  OK, that wasn’t funny but I had to include that statement.

If you have a residential address then you can obtain knowledge.  It is FREE for the taking.  You may also manage your account online by reserving and borrowing materials directly.  If you are infirm and it is difficult to get to a library, they have programs to deliver materials to you.  Having a library card is more valuable than a passport in my opinion (Did I mention I have never held a passport).


In all honestly, I have not even begun to provide you with details of the numerous resources available to those who are just willing to explore the options.  It was my intention to make you aware that there were resources out there available to everyone.  If I have achieved my purpose today, I have planted a seed within you that might grow and produce some bountiful booty.  I want you to realize that there is potential to learn everywhere you look.  You just have to start looking, and if you start looking there is no limit to what you might find.

If you have the financial resources to pay for courses and obtain new knowledge and upgraded skills then why haven’t you done so already?  If money if your chief concern then I have just given you food for thought.  You must now realize that money or lack thereof is no excuse for not obtaining further knowledge.  Get out there and learn something new and make sure it is focused and directed toward your dreams.


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