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4 Ways to get out of your own way…

4 Ways to get out of your own way and start moving.


Why are you still standing here? 

Why haven’t you taken those first steps toward your dreams?

Do you feel inadequate?

Do you know what you are doing?

Do you know what you want?

Have you firmly determined your dreams?

I have already said it, enough with the questions, just begin already! Start moving and you can adjust along the way.  Take one step and then another and soon you will begin to make serious progress.  If you make a wrong step, the chances are that you can backtrack and find your right footing.  Get moving.  Get out of your own way. 

“Little strokes fell great oaks.”                                     –  Benjamin Franklin

1.       THINK!

You and only you can make those dreams happen but if you do nothing, you gain nothing.  If you want anything in life you have to go for it, you have to reach out and take it.  There is abundance for all, but we have to want it.  If you do want it and again you do nothing and you want nothing well, you will get exactly what you want.  These are statements of fact.  Do you believe them? 

That is a key to making things happen.  Believe it is possible.  Believe anything is possible.  Regardless of where you want to go or what you want to accomplish you must believe in it.  Deep within your being, you must accept the fact that this is possible, because anything is possible.  There are several things I want you to believe. 

First things first, I have told you that I want you to have and then entertain your dreams and desires. We all have ideas because we all have thoughts.  “I think therefore I am.” (A Latin philosophy translated from Rene Descartes)  Document, nurture and build on those thoughts according to your why.  If you have a thought and it is relative to life as you know it, then it is relevant and therefore important to remember and work on. 

2.       NO EXCUSES!

Second, I want you to overcome your limiting factors.  Discover who you are and likewise what is stopping you from becoming all you can truly be.  We all have excuses for why we don’t take action and quite often we do it subconsciously.  As soon as we have a thought or a dream that makes sense and might just be possible, most of us immediately start doling out reasons why it is just not possible.  This leads to our overall failure because if we do nothing we have already failed. 


“We miss 100% of the shots we don’t take.”               –  Wayne Gretzky

Successful people have learned how to eliminate those negative and limiting beliefs.  As soon as they have that valuable thought or idea, their mind immediately begins processing how to make it happen.  That does take training and we will eventually get to that.  I do not have the means as yet to teach you that but there are others who can and I will guide you in the right direction by referring you to them. 

3.       BELIEVE!

Next, at this stage I simply want your mind to start thinking in a new direction.  I want you to start thinking in terms of possibilities.  Believe that anything is possible.  I can tell you this forever and some of you may not ever change your thought pattern because you are afraid of change, you are afraid of the unknown.  Until you truly believe that anything and everything is possible you will be stuck in the rut that is currently your life. 

 “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”  –  Napoleon Hill

4.       ACTION!

Finally when we do have those thoughts and dreams and we realize and truly believe they are possible and of course we get out of our own way we must take action.  You can hope, dream, manifest, affirm, meditate and make vision boards all you want but if you do not take action you get nowhere.  If you want anything in life it begins with a thought, but those thoughts become reality by action.

After all of our articles, if you are still standing here then you must realize that you have some serious concerns and problems taking action.  You still have blocks that are keeping you from moving forward.  I want those feet continuously heading in your desired direction.  We will not discuss more about your personal development until I have convinced as many of you as I can to take action, be more, do more and achieve more.


Next Week:

What’s Stopping You?  Education, Skills/Knowledge, Experience, Money, Fear?

All of these things can be conquered and we will discuss them over the coming weeks.  I will offer them up as topics to cover and hope that people will begin to open discussion.  I am hoping that with further encouragement we will begin to grow, not just individually but as a whole or most certainly a larger group of enlightened and stronger people.



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