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Life’s a Journey: Get going already! (Law of Action)

You have prepared yourself well.  Now what?  You are ready to go, to move onward with your journey.  You have considered and likely envisioned your future but that alone is not going to get you anywhere.  You must take action. 

Hopefully you have rid yourself of those excuses and beliefs that keep you grounded.  So what is stopping you?  Get going already! Don’t hesitate anymore, not even another day.  If you don’t begin that journey soon, you might never go.  You will keep putting it off, never really taking action.

You see that is a Natural Law of the Universe.  The Law of Action says that for any of the other Natural Laws to take effect, you must take action.  You can attract through manifestation and gratitude all you want but if you never take action you can never achieve anything.

“What if I don’t know how to get there?” you say.  What then?  You do know how!  You have envisioned it.  You may not know every step but you know the path ahead is there.  Worry not about the details because your path will change many times along the road.  Just begin.  Set out on your destined journey. 

What we are seeking is not just destiny but dharma, the Hindu premise of doing what you were meant to do, by choice.  That is based on your WHY!  If your justification for taking action is truly in line with what your are meant to do then you will achieve greatness.  You will be on the road that you were meant to travel.

Yet you will not find that road if your feet stay planted in cement.  It is time for you to move forward.  Each step making progress aligned with your Dharma.  Worry not about how it will happen.  You have already learned how that will happen, but it can only happen if you take steps forward.

“Take the first step in faith.  You don’t need to see the whole staircase, just the first step.”                    –  Martin Luther King, Jr.

There is only one way to reach that destination.  You need to become better with each passing day.  Stop your competitive nature and give selflessly of yourself.  You are in competition with no one but yourself.  Strive to become better today than you were yesterday and better tomorrow than you were today.

Your progress will only be marked by your determination to make progress.  If you are willing to do what it takes to achieve your goals, then you must get going.  Each step can only be measured by you.  If you are steadily getting better than you are consistently getting farther.

Perhaps you are content with your current existence.  Perhaps you believe you are already all that you can be.  To believe that is folly, you have erred and that is why you are stuck in a rut.  If you are not achieving more and doing more with each passing day then you have given up.  It is like getting to grade 5 in school and saying, “OK. That’s enough for me.  I have gone far enough.” 

You must continue on according to your WHY.  You must not stop, ever!

My WHY is to add value to others and that will determine how far I will go, how successful I can become.  Another principle is the Law of Compensation, which states that you will be paid in direct proportion to the value you offer.  Live by my example and you cannot help but succeed.  I intend to succeed by helping others to achieve success.  Because I add value to others I will receive my just rewards for that value.

The one thing I haven’t told you yet is that my WHY is more than just adding value to others, but it is also determined by my own decision to achieve the success that has always eluded me.  I have always decried that life has treated me unfairly, cheating me of the success that I truly deserved.

The truth is that I didn’t deserve it.  I wasn’t willing to do anything to achieve it, to pay the price.  I have since learned of the true way of things and I have been busy for many months working to achieve that success, working without potential for compensation.  I have been writing and sharing my lessons with you, but more than that I have been setting myself up in position for the success I expect.

That time is coming soon.  I would like to say that time is now, but I must be willing to admit that it will happen when it happens.  All things happen in their time.  I have been preparing myself for when that day comes.  I have been working on myself and being the best person I can be.  I have been working on my plan and altering my path as I go along.

I have my vision before me, guided by my map and compass I never venture far from my true path.  I am ready to receive whatever life may provide me with.  Slowly but surely I am making progress, but only because I had set out on the trail some time ago.

Here is my message to you today.  If you want to get anywhere in life.  Decide on where you want to go.  Plan and prepare for the journey.  Then just go there.  Start taking action!  Just go already!  If you want something bad enough then you have to reach out and take it.  No not steal it, but earn it.  Provide value and receive your reward.

“If you plan to win and you prepare to win, then and only then can you expect to win.”                     –  Zig Ziglar


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