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3 Things to Prepare for the Journey of Life.

Today we make sure you are prepared for the journey to come.  You must take a final look back at all you have done thus far: the actions you have taken, the decisions you have made, the knowledge you have acquired.  Let’s not forget who you are and what is important to you.  We have taken some time to get here.

You will see why in a moment, it’s purpose is in order to get you prepared for the road ahead.  The journey you are about to undertake should be relatively easy if you have done your preparation.  You have taken time to decide on your path and mapped out your trip.  If you are certain of the path you are to travel then you are ready to begin.

We have discussed all of this previously but to reiterate the topics to date, you will have decided what is important to you, figured out why you do what you do, and examined your beliefs and the attitudes that have kept you from achieving your goals.

In short you have discovered who you are and where you want to go.  That has just been in preparation for the travels you are about to begin.  Before you begin, make sure you have certain tools that will help you from getting lost in your travels.  What do you need to bring along?

There are 5 things you need to prepare before you set out.

1.  Direction:  A Destination

This is now a simple task if you have taken my advise and considered your wants and desires.  If you want to achieve any success in life, you will have needed to seriously think about what it is you truly want. Every single one of us has dreams and desires.  What we do with those is up to us.

You should have looked at setting goals.  Those goals are your destination but how will you get there.  Dreaming only gets you so far.  Pick one of those dreams that is within reach so that you might truly achieve it.  Take action toward that dream.  Just start out and you will begin to make progress, but if you never consider this a possibility, then your feet will remain planted where they are.  But before you start out you will need to be more prepared.

2.  The Map:  A Plan

If you have done your homework then you will have taken the time to decide on what is really important to you.  Using that as a guideline you would have begun to consider where you would like to go.  You dreams and your desires are your renewed direction.  If you have previously hesitated whether out of fear, limiting beliefs or excuses now is the time to reinforce your travel plans.

Life is what you make it.  If you want to stay the course and keep on living a life of dissatisfaction, then you need not do anything at this time.  You are prepared to get nowhere in life.  Good luck to you on that.

If you have decided on a new course of action, one that takes you further than you have ever been before, one that will make your dreams come true, then congratulations you are ready to begin.  But you will need to make sure you are prepared for your travels.

You must take some time to prepare a plan.  If this were a physical journey, you would most certainly decide on how to get to your destination before you leave.  Would you take public transit, car, train, does it require you to fly?  This is just part of your plan.

Next you must figure how to make it happen.  Perhaps you already have a car or must take the train.  What is your mode of travel?  How will you get where you are going?  This is all part of your plan.

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”  –   Jim Rohn

2.  The Compass:  WHY

I have emphasized the need to determine your WHY.  That WHY is your compass.  As long as you keep that close then there is less of a likelihood that you will get lost.  You can always find your bearings by calculating your direction.  Refer to your WHY often when making decisions or simply finding yourself heading in the wrong direction.  This will help you choose the right path, but it could still turn out to be wrong.  Things could just not work out for any situation.  There are no guarantees and you cannot predict life but don’t worry you can redirect yourself, again using your WHY.

That is only part of the toolkit though.  You must have decided on a path of travel.  That is your FOCUS.  You will need to know where you want to go if you expect to make the forward progress you are hoping for.  Whenever you find yourself faltering or bogged down by heavy brush and losing ground, check your map and recalibrate your compass.  Your FOCUS will be renewed.

“When you find your WHY, you find your WAY.”  –  John C. Maxwell

3. Equipment:  Skills, Experience, Knowledge & Education

You need not burden yourself with a heavy pack of unnecessary equipment.  Trust the Universe to provide for your needs.  You will by now have asked for what you want by declaring your desires.  Believe now that you are deserving and that your dreams will be achieved.  Finally you should prepare to receive your wishes.

But there are fears and concerns that you must allay before you move on.  In order to make the progress you expect, then you should only be armed with what will help you on your journey.  If you have decided on your dreams and also determined your WHY then you will know what it is you need to take with you.

Most of this you have been packing for some time.  Regardless of your path to date, you have been storing knowledge and skills.  You will have had your formal education as everyone does.  You will have gained life skills from dealing with people everyday.  Whatever your career, you have built up a world of knowledge and experience.

But before you begin any journey you will need to lighten your load.  You must unburden yourself of the unwanted and useless knowledge that have held you back thus far.  There are many limiting beliefs and attitudes that have kept your feet grounded for far too long.  You must alter your beliefs arming yourself for the new travels ahead.

Now that you have lightened your load you will need to take only that which will get you further ahead and faster.  You must arm yourself with knowledge that is directed toward your goals.  Now that you know where you want to go, seek out education designed to give you the most benefit in achieving your dreams.

“Self education will make you a living.  Self education will make you a fortune.”  –  Jim Rohn

Ask, Believe, Receive.  This is to trust in the Universe.

You are ready.  You have your map, your compass and your equipment is loaded.  There is no hesitation now.  Any excuse to delay will only keep you grounded further.  That was the reason for lightening your load.  You are no longer burdened with excusitis.  Now that your are ready, just begin toward your new destination.

You have taken time to decide on your path and mapped out your trip.  If you are certain of your destination and the path you are to travel then you are ready to begin.

How do we get there?

See you next week!


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