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I am me! Are you true to you?

So have you figured it out yet?  Do you know who you are?  That is what I asked of you over the previous weeks; to figure out who you are and what is important to you on a deep level.

“I know who I am!  I know where I am going!  I know what I am doing to get there!”  –  RJ Horner

This is the stage I have achieved and this is what I hope for you.  It is not going to happen instantly but it cannot happen if you don’t take a good long hard look at who you are.  You must know what is important to you and act in this manner.  Ultimately, you must be you.

Where does it begin?  Well for most people, as it did for me it happened because I faced a hardship and a potential loss so severe that it hit me like a brick wall.  If I did not change who I was I would lose everything I held dear.  The reason I keep driving this point home, that change is so important, I do not want anyone to have to get to where I was or even harder, to fall to the depths that you cannot recover.

Thankfully I was able to wake up before I hit rock bottom.  I kept saying, “I am going to change! I am going to get help!”  It just never happened.  I kept putting it off because things would get better…temporarily.  “…until next time.” as my wife liked to say.

We are often the last one to look at our lives objectively, so it is next to impossible to know what others might be thinking or how they see us.  Thus it is best to assume that we can always do better, that we could always be more.  In fact it is a necessity for us to improve ourselves every single day.  It is our destiny to become better today than we were yesterday and be better tomorrow than we were today.

I can honestly say this is the path I am walking, though that did not happen in an instant.  It took time with a process that led me through stages to find myself; who I was and what I wanted; my hopes and dreams and how badly I truly wanted things to be different.  I began this journey because my life had gotten to a place that it couldn’t have possibly gotten any worse.  It was just about as bad as it could be.  I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Now I work at improving lives and motivating others to take action contrary to their current practices.  If I can encourage even a small percentage of you to take action today and change the way you behave and how you see yourself from the eyes of those around you then I have achieved my purpose.  In fact, if I help even one other person to wake up and realize the path they are on is one of failure then I am a success, thus if I help more than one person this is a bonus that I can be proud to receive.

“If you change your attitude, you change your circumstance.”  –  Anthony Robbins

This will be a long journey but you must begin somewhere and that starts with your attitude, or at least your outlook.  The way you see yourself is quite likely not how others see you and you should begin to see yourself from other people’s perspectives.  Quite likely you are resistant, putting up barriers and acting with stubbornness that prevents you from seeing the truth.

You must see yourself differently and be willing to make yourself better than you are currently.  Are you ready for this?  Do you still believe that your life is perfect?  Only you can be the judge of that, though those closest to you do have some influence in that, and if they are telling you that there is a problem or there always seems to be some argument and resistance on the horizon, there might be some trouble within that you are just not able to see.  You might just need to do things differently.  This is much easier if you discover your WHY, your reason for taking action.

“When you find your why, you find your way.”                                 –  John C. Maxwell

Your journey will begin when you want it to most.  In other words, you will not take action until you are fully motivated, no one can force upon you the will to be more than you are willing to be, yet that is what I am suggesting for you, and I am telling you that the sooner you realize that the better.  You do not want to wait until it is absolutely necessary as I did.

Now this may not apply to some of you.  Many of you may decide that your life is perfectly fine and does not require any changes.  That is absolutely reasonable.  Not everyone needs to make a substantial change to their lives.  If you find in any way that you are not satisfied with some aspect of your life then it requires some change.  It is time for you to reconsider if everything is peaches and roses.  Is it as good as it could be?

If not then you really should consider making a change before it is too late.  Then the change you do make should be one that is in alignment with your WHY.  Each of acting in accordance with our reason for living will reinforce a good living.  You will endure most things that stand before you if only you act in the interest of your motivating factor.

So, in the interest of becoming the best people we can be, I wish to reintroduce you to the new me.  I have told you that I am renewed.  I am acting in accordance with my WHY and I am taking massive action.  I am no longer willing to entertain a limited way of thinking.

Meet the new me; Mr. RJ Horner.  Some of you may have noticed the change on some of my social media platforms.  This change is due to the new way that I act and take charge of my life.  My life is my responsibility.  Why Mr. RJ Horner?  Well, “When you are this big, they call you Mr.” Where I go from here is far and fast.  I am me!  I am thinking big!

I hope I have reached you and given you something to think about.  Do you know who you are?  Are you acting according to your WHY?  Are you, you?  Give it some thought.  If you are true to yourself, then you truly cannot go wrong.  The worst that could happen is that you must make a correction based on your WHY.



  1. Are you acting in accordance with your WHY?
  2. Are you being you?
  3. What are the first steps you should take in order to get you on the correct path?

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