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*Business Opportunity* I have an IDEA!


This post is largely about me, though it could be about you too if you look at this opportunity for what it is.  I have begun to share my vision and have received a positive response.

It is time to build my team.  I am seeking partners for a grand enterprise.  Join me on an epic adventure.  A corporation that could change the outlook of our economy and the weight of our own wallets.


A business IDEA.  Not just my business but your business as well.  My business is your business.

There is a process to get any business from start to finish, from concept to inception.  This is called the start up process.  That process refined could be a valuable commodity.

All businesses start with a concept, an IDEA.  I have IDEAS.  Any entrepreneur worth their salt has IDEAS.  We all have thoughts, therefore we all have IDEAS.  Not many of us go beyond the IDEA phase though.  We hesitate out of fear of possible failure.  The biggest problem is that we do not know the process for getting those IDEAS to market.  This process held me up for far too long.

I studied this process for more than one business IDEA, getting halted due to my limitations, essentially failing.  I did not have enough skills and knowledge to start a business.  There are many others in similar position.

I continued my studies.  I met with entrepreneur and business consultants and coaches to help me get to the next step.  I learned the necessary steps, but I was still help back.  I did not know enough, fearful and lacking in certain areas.

I learned that there are others who have these same dreams, others who have necessary skills and assets that could help me achieve my dreams.  If I could just find a way to get them to help, bring them together to make a complete circle, to complete the process.  If I could help them make their IDEAS a reality.  They could help me make my IDEAS a reality.

  • Business IDEAS
  • Inventions
  • Apps/Widgets
  • Software/Tech
  • Warehouse/Wholesale/Distribution
  • Writing/Publishing

I also didn’t have any means to pay these experts for their services.  Every dollar amount I possess goes into paying off considerable debt, sad but true.  I am aware of my circumstance but there is little I can do to change it.  How then could I become a business owner if I was so limited and came up short at every step, especially.  This is a difficult task indeed.  I learned that financing was the least of my worries.

How many people give up because they just don’t believe they can do it.  79% of people want to own a business.  Yet there are few who complete the necessary steps.  They back off, discouraged and disillusioned because they don’t believe they are capable of owning a business.

This is where my IDEA comes into play.  I HAVE AN IDEA!  My IDEA is to help those who seriously desire to be their own boss but lack the faith in their capability to succeed.  I know that there is a way that I can help those who have this dream.

How would I do it?

By compiling a team; starting a corporation.  There are others who have skills and knowledge that amount to assets in the field of entrepreneurship.  There are many who could and will help people become the business owner they dream of so fervently.

Why would they bother to help those would-be entrepreneurs?  After all, we all want to know(WIIFM) What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me?  Share a piece of the pie(% equity)!

Become invested in the businesses as they coach and assist with this process, share in the profit, then they would be more than willing to share their knowledge, wisdom and expertise.  A give and take relationship between successful and aspiring entrepreneurs.  We can work together for the greater good.  Isn’t that the dream of mankind too, to work together for the benefit of all?

We can help each other to achieve our dreams and stimulate the economy as well.  By helping and encouraging new business owners the economy gets a much-needed infusion of wealth.  Because we share in the start-up phase of the business, we become an investor in the business we get an infusion of wealth.

Too many people complain, “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”  This concept can change that circumstance.  It encourages and helps people in building up their own personal wealth.

How many businesses could we help start-up?  How many businesses could we be invested in at one time because we helped get their business off the ground?  How many people could we help to achieve their dreams?  The possibilities are endless.

I have business IDEAS and I was drawn up short.  This does not stop me but I am sure it stopped far too many.  We can create and utilize my IDEAS, your IDEAS and aspiring entrepreneurs IDEAS.  In each instance there is a division of equity that is satisfactory to all parties.

  • I am assembling a team.  An opportunity exists.  I am starting a corporation dedicated to building businesses, creating dreams, making IDEAS a reality.

As I have recently begun to share my vision and received some interest in the concept.  I am looking for fellow like-minded entrepreneurs and founders.  In fact the term serial entrepreneur applies best to this IDEA.  I am seeking various business related skills and professionals to merge as teammates.  Join forces to create a greater entity.

I am meeting with people over the coming months.  By the summer of 2017 I am forming a corporation dedicated to entrepreneurs and their IDEAS.  Not just business IDEAS; apps/widgets, software/tech, inventions or existing product improvements, and more.  We will make IDEAS a reality.

Join my team!

  • Seeking Partners!  % Equity!          

  • Entrepreneurs!  Founders!  Start Ups! 

  • ALL Business Trades/Skills! (Legal, Account/Finance, Projects & more) 



Contact me:       email:

View my Profiles:  FB –

Twitter – @rjhorner73

LinkedIn –

Find out who I am and how you can work with me!

I implore you to join me and share in my vision!

RJ Horner,

Entrepreneur, Writer, Coach




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