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Live Life Large.

I find myself awakened today, with a forceful focus on life.  I had already made the decision to focus on improving myself and working on a better life, both mental and physical.  At this stage I am on a high mentally, working at a level that I have never reached before in my life.  I have a mental understanding that was never available to me.  I have experienced renewed spirituality that is growing consistently.  This is due to my openness to all circumstances that are presented before me and my desire for continual improvement.  My physical state however is a matter of concern.

Today is an especially enlightening day as I woke this morning with eyes wide-open.  It began with a phone call that you cannot help but pay attention to and then begin to reflect on your position in life.  You will immediately become alert and begin to consider your current circumstances and where your future may take you, or if that future may be prolonged or cut short.  This is the very definition of a wake-up call.

Some of you may be able to guess what kind of phone call I received this morning.  It made me aware of my failings.  I am not at the peak of condition as I might hope for.  You see, today a friend of mine is clinging to life, undergoing surgery to correct the heart trouble that brought on a heart attack.  He went to the hospital Saturday night because he was experiencing symptoms of heart trouble; tingling in the left arm, tightness in the chest and shortness of breath.

I have had these symptoms myself in the past, and after a couple of hours of deliberation, I felt the need to go to the hospital.  This is not something you take chances with.  After many hours of diagnostic testing and some treatment for the symptoms I was experiencing, I was sent home with no prognosis.  I was told that if my symptoms reoccurred or my situation got worse, please return immediately and they recommend that I follow up this visit with my family doctor immediately.

My friend was given a similar prognosis, only he was told that he would need to come back for more tests.  It was not to be however as he did not make it to Monday before he had a heart attack.  Currently struggling for life as he awaits corrective surgery, this is not something that anyone should be faced with.  Yet quite often that is how it works.  We live life going about doing what we want with little consideration for the consequences or the actual cost of living poorly.

I have no details of my friend’s habits, but I do know that he does enjoy drinking socially and watching football.  A hard worker who also lives a relative life of leisure.  While he is aging, he is not near enough to be considered to be in ill health.  His wife is distraught and I cannot picture how my wife would behave under similar circumstances.

That is what amounts to my current state of mind.  I am racked with adrenaline as I cannot get this sinking feeling that despite my still youthful age, I am not in much better condition, as I said I have already had a similar experience.

I am somewhat regretful that while I have friends who are so distraught I make this about me, yet it is not about me but about everybody.  Though it has made me reconsider my state of being, I consider everyone and their potential for facing a failing health circumstance.

A heart attack can hit any one of us.  Even those in the peak of health, or so we have heard (the myth of those who have had heart attacks but they ran every day).  Of course excellent health does help to limit this possibility.  So it is that I consider my health.  I have poor eating habits and I am considerably idle, though the opportunities for exercise are plentiful.  It makes me realize that my own laziness or weakness of will that brings this situation before me.

I have renewed my vow for improvement.  My word for 2017 again being ACTION.  No longer will I be idle.  I believe life is what you make it.  If it is failing or I am not in peak condition of body, mind or soul, then I have made it that way.  So to each of you I encourage you to consider your own current conditions of body, mind and soul.  If you are to be in good overall health and hope to prolong life then you should begin to pay homage to your temple.  You are that temple; body, mind and soul.  Give it all the blessings and spare tithes for investment where possible.  Certainly offer up your most valuable asset; time.

If you have not made your commitment for renewal as of yet then I encourage you to take that ACTION today.  If there is one thing I am painfully aware of today is that life is too short.  Make the most of every moment you have available.  Never let your mind become idle, take time for spiritual renewal, and please, for the sake of prolonged life take advantage of physical activity to improve your body’s health.

Life is short.  Make the most of every moment.  Live life to the fullest.  This is my renewed vow from this day forward.  I have been given a wake-up call.  For now my focus is on my friend’s health and wishes for a full recovery, yet it reinstates my desire for full improvement to my state of being.  From today onward, I will never neglect myself; body, mind or soul.


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