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Decide…WHY NOT?



Now that you have considered your WHY, it is time to make things happen.  Making decisions is what life is all about.  The sooner you make a decision, the more progress you will make.  Make a decision.  Make another.  More decisions, more often.  This is the natural progression.  If you make decisions without hesitation, you might find life is going how you want it to go.

Those decisions should be made based on your WHY.  Why would you do anything less?  Again, every action you take is based on your WHY, so that it is unique to everyone.  But, when making those decisions, there are many reasons to doubt yourself.  How do you counter that doubt? 

WHY NOT?  This is one of the motto’s I live by (I will discuss them soon).  When you doubt yourself and find that you just cannot make a decision, consider WHY NOT?  If for no other reason than to just take action.  Decide WHY NOT and begin to make progress. 

What is the worst that could happen?  OK yes, bad things can happen, but so can good things.  Take a chance and say, “WHY NOT?”  It may turn out to be a wrong decision but that is a chance that might just be worth taking.  You will never know if you don’t take that chance, but if you make a wrong decision you can always correct your course. 

The most successful people are able to make progress toward their goals because they are confident that they can adjust to whatever conditions they may be faced with.  Confident, successful people are not afraid of failure.  They embrace failure because they learn what decisions not to make.  When you decide WHY NOT and just take action, you are making progress.  You will be successful!

Do you not want success?  That is ok.  There are many things in life to live for; family, friends and career, to name but a few.  But there are more important things too, like character for instance. What if you simply desire to become a person of character?  WHY NOT?

Why should you choose to become person of character?  WHY NOT?  Why should you get up in the morning when life tells you that you would be better off staying in bed?  WHY NOT?  If someone told you to take a chance on something, love, events, social activities and more, WHY NOT?  Would you like to become rich and successful?  WHY NOT?  Is there anything you want to do but are hesitant to take action?  WHY NOT?  Have you considered how happy and satisfied you would be if you were a person of strong character?

Imagine that you just took action.  It is something you were likely to do anyway then what could happen if you just took action.  Of course, you must consider all the risks but taking action helps us to become a better person, and that is our fundamental life purpose. 

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t need to see the whole staircase, just the first step.”                                     –       –  Martin Luther King, JR.


If we try and fail we have at least learned from that failure.  So, make a decision, take action.  WHY NOT?  Have you ever failed at something?  Yes?  Have you ever had a dream that you have given up on because you are afraid of failure?  Yes?  Who hasn’t?  What would it mean if you faced your failure and won?  What might happen if you just took that chance?  Hesitation…WHY NOT? 

Take a leap of faith.  I can’t ensure you that everything will be alright and nothing bad will happen, but just taking a chance will give you the confidence to make the right decisions.  Better yet, make those decisions according to your WHY and you really cannot go wrong.   



1.    Look at your list of WHY’s.

2.    Are you hesitant?  Take a leap of faith.  WHY NOT?

3.    Think, Decide, Act.  WHY NOT?


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