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My Story…Action

“Action is the foundational key to success.”    –   Pablo Picasso

Action is the only force which will offer proven results.  This has been a hard lesson to learn.  There is a Natural Law of the Universe referring to this principle.  The Law of Action states that you must take action in order to manifest your desires.  You can have all the thoughts, dreams, wishes and desires your mind can produce.  You can visualize and use all the mantras and vision boards you like but if you do not take action you will gain nothing.

This was another failing in my life, yet I had no idea that this was what was holding me back.  I was my own worst enemy.  I was held in place by the talons of oppression with no way to escape it.  Problem is, when you are trapped in the depths of despair you just cannot seem to realize you are being gripped by unseen forces.  Anyone hoping to climb out from under the thumb of their oppressors will need to recognize this for what it is…opportunity.

“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.”    –     Jim Rohn

I had to realize my own role in my downtrodden circumstances.  I spent many years blaming other people and a culmination of negative circumstances for my lack of success.  By necessity I was forced to examine my life further to discover the deep-rooted seeds of my failure.  I was failing not because of curcumstances designed to keep me down, but because I was not able to recognize moments for what they were.

“When you change your attitude, you change your circumstance.”     –     Tony Robbins

My attitude has long since been altered to allow for this change in my circumstances.  I have come along way in just a few years.  You cannot expect instant changes, but considering that I once believed that life was out to get me and I was destined to struggle for the rest of my life.  I no longer struggle, life is always a series of progressions.  The thing is, I now know I have been progressing toward something great, something fantastic, amazing even.

Life has a way of working itself out if you just let it.  You see, if you get out of your own way opportunities will abound.  I now believe wholeheartedly that abundance is possible.  Opportunity knocks, often.  If for whatever reason you don’t answer, it will pay another visit eventually, but you must learn some lessions first.  When you have learned what you need to know, ding-dong, there is the call to action again.

What did I just call it?  A “call to action.”  This is the key that will open doors for you.  ACTION.  This will unlock many mysterious elements that were previously hidden.  The more you take action, the more options that become available to you. Now is the time for that action.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 Years ago.  The second best time is today.

There is no better time to move forward with your plans.  Putting it off will not only delay things but quite likely never bring those dreams into fruition.  Action is the force of all creation.  Thought…planning…preparation…action.  If you take all the effort to set up a business or product idea but fail to take action, all that work will be for naught.

I have taken much effort to prepare for what comes next.  I have come up with a concept I believe to be of benefit to others while benefitting myself and anybody I may entrust to partner with.  I have also come to realize that I cannot go this alone.  If I could have, it would be further along then I am now.  I have been working for upwords of 2 years on this project.  I have refined it to the point that I am certain of it’s success.

I choose a word of the month and year, each monthly word is defined by my word for the year.  Action is my word for 2017.  My word for January 2017 is initiate.  I have already made much progress since deciding that these would be my choicely words.  Successful living is closer on the horizon due to action.

“I know who I am!  

I know where I am going!  

I know what I am doing to get there!”        –     Robert J Horner

So tomorrow we discuss next steps.  I have taken some action to make this idea a reality.  This venture will be implemented shortly as I seek out those who will be able to take up the slack in areas where I am weak.  I just have to share my vision with others and convince them of its value.

See you tomorrow.


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