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My Story…Education

I used to blame my failure to achieve success on a lack of education that created a rift that I could not get passed.  I graduated high school with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).  This was something I believed was a failing because if you wanted to be anything and achieve anything, you need to have a degree.  I went to Community College but that was something for which I found myself unsuccessful.

Yet I believe that education will get you ahead.  What I don’t believe anymore is that you need to have a degree to get what you want in life.  What you need are skills and knowledge combined with an intense desire to achieve success.  Degrees are overrated anyway.  There are far too many PhD’s and MSc’s who cannot find a career in their chosen fields.  I don’t need a fancy parchment and some impressive letters attached to my monogram.

It is intense focus and desire combined with the right mix of talent that achieves all greatness.  It is to this purpose that I have devoted my newest calling.  I have not only embarked on a journey of discovery led by my wish for a better life, but I have also decided to implement my vision.  A vision that derived from my studies. Since the moment my life fell apart and I began a rediscovery of myself that was really a reinvention and a shift in my paradigm.

That shift came about through re-education which was directed toward taking charge of my existence and gaining freedom. Freedom for me means that I am free to make my own decisions.  If I wake up in the morning everthing I do was possible because I made it happen, every dollar I earned was a result of my own actions.  I will be responsible for my own existence, all I am.

I think it bares pointing out that my education was relatively free, or required very little investment.  I essentially went back to school obtaining what I believe to be a college grade education for limited monetary deposit.  I bought some books and a course or two, but we have at our disposal resources that are invaluable if we just seek them out.

The public library has always been there and contains a mass of knowledge.  There is also the online world which has many viable tools to be utilized for the purposes of education.  Webinars, seminars and online databanks, not to mention sites like: Udemy, Coursera, and I happen to believe in a site called which has courses on just about any subject, all for free.

“Formal education will make you a living, self education will make you a fortune.”   –   Jim Rohn 

That self-education must be focused on your purpose, your WHY.  Education is failing our youth just as it failed us and provides for the justification that education will make you a living, not a fortune.  We have built our educational programs based on a system that was designed to create workers providing people with the basic skills necessary to gain useful employment, yet we forgot that systems must be able to adapt to current conditions.  Our kids are no longer able to assimilate information sitting in a classroom listening to a lecture or lesson plan and let’s face it this is no longer necessary.

The youth of today have the world at their fingertips.  A computer in every hand where they can obtain the information they need at a moments notice.  That is all they need, combined with the three pillars of success and the skills and knowledge of how to obtain and apply that information to their WHY.  Our education system needs to adapt to their world and the access that they have available to them.

You see, I have come to understand that in order to succeed in life there are three pillars to success:

1. Vision

2. Desire

3. Accountability

I had the desire to be successful first, then I began developing my vision.  Completely developed or mostly so, there are still a few kinks to work out that can only be arranged by practice.  I have set in motion a plan to put this vision into action.  I have arranged for accountability.  My success has begun.

Success began with my passionate desire to become better and so I started to focus on a new education.  An education that was devoted to business, leadership, success, time and business management, and so much more.  I was also fueled by my desire to be my own boss.

Society also has a need to change the world’s financial circumstances.  This requires us to begin educating our children on financial literacy.  I think it is ridiculous for students to obtain five compulsory English credits to graduate when there are so many other things we can fill the heads of our youth with.  We must take pains to prepare for their future.  It is imperative that we provide them with an education that is geared toward their aptitudes and passions.   The results of this focused education will culminate in vast fortunes, providing for a more equal share of the abundance we all believe is out there.

A renewed education experience will provide more opportunities for all.  There are some who will be resistent to change as there always are and there are many who will need a push.  They may not want to change but they may be willing if only they had a directed focus and a helping hand along the way.  There are even those who have gone beyond their education phase of life and find themsleves lacking drive, and satisfaction with their position as I did.  They need to find a renewed sense of direction and passion for their work.

That is where a new element of educaton is taking off.  Coaching is something that is becoming an epidemic because of the necessity for people to find the motivation to succeed.  I expect that my life experience will pay off and help assist others to realize that all things are possible if you just have the drive to thrive.  I now call myself, Robert J Horner, Writer, Speaker, Coach.

We can all be available to teach, inspire and motivate each other to achieve greatness and have everything we desire.  Anyone who believes that we all cannot achieve our every dream, have already given up living.  We are one complete entity and if we work for others we can work for each other.  We owe it to ourselves to think globally rather than personally, or selfishly as is our nature.

If education is going to lead us into the future we need to have people talking about the failing system and how to change it for the future generations.  It is already outdated for our kids and their kids.  Now is the time to take a serious look at education and how to move it beyond our current realm of understanding.

It is time we all re-educate.


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