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My Story…My Voice

I have been seeing and hearing a lot about:

What is your role?  What is your message?  What is your position?  When your clients ask you, “What do you do?”…What do you tell them?

I have given this a lot of thought while considering my future.  My job leaves me wanting, dissatisfied.  This is not my life or who I am.  I am training and preparing to become a motivational speaker.  My future is about my message.  I have been places and done things.  I have lived a life; good, bad and ugly.

I am in a profession where I meet people.  Some of these people I interact and engage with while others I merely exchange a moment, a glance, a nod or maybe a smile.  One of the facets of my job is that I meet people from all circles of life.  I have become familiar with every nuance and intricacy of people, the looks, faces, the attitudes and behaviours.  I know people.

To that end that I devote my life to people.  If I could help even a small handful of people to live life to the fullest, releasing them from the clutches of despair, I will have acheived my purpose.  My voice enliciting response and reaction that motivates and inspires others on to greatness.  What is that message though?  What do I have to share with people?  It boils down what I have learned through lifes little lessons.  This is the foundation for my platform.

We all have life lessons we could share.  They say that life begins at 40 and I couldn’t agree more.  When life hits a roadblock as mine did, you need to find another route around.  This is where life took me…on a tangent that led to the brighter, happier, and more enlightened person presented here.  I am far stronger than I was just a few short years ago.

The fact is that it took that long to alter my mindset.  I was once a shambled mess who once was lost but now I am found.  No, I am not some religious zealot preaching from the pulpit, nor am I going to sing you a song, but I have discovered my WHY.  I know who I am, where I am going and what I am doing to get there!  I am a man who has discovered life and how to live.

This is my message:  

Live life!  In the moment…Today and Everyday!  Life is Yours to Live!

It is yours to live and only you can decide what that means to you.  Only you are you.  Only you can be you.  Only you can decide if you want to live life.  Be mindful and take advantage of all that you encounter, living life in the moment.  Yet you must prepare for what lies ahead.  If you have properly prepared and you have developed the right mindset then when life throws you a curveball you are ready to swing-away.

“Success is when preparation meets opportunity.”              –  Zig Ziglar

Why would the Universe place these moments before me if not to be mindful of them?  I am meant to bring my message to the world.  It is time for me to take action.  The Universe is talking to me and I am listening.  The Law of Attraction is at work and time for the Law of Action to take over.

So why now?  WHY NOT?

I have an email that I copied from one of my mentors, Ted McGrath.  It is so inspirational that I keep it and refer to it when I have doubts about my path.  Here it is:

It’s time you SPEAK..

I don’t think the world is
looking for more speakers.
I think the world is thirsting
for great leaders.

To Speak with Passion is To Lead
To Speak With Intelligence is To Succeed
To Speak With Truth is to Live

I remember the painstaking 30 years of….
Not Living my Truth
Not Giving My Gift
Not Speaking
I’m not talking about JUST speaking from
a platform…
I’m talking about speaking to a friend, a client,
a family member, on video, in front of a group,
or on a stage.

It’s time you SPEAK..
It’s time we all speak…
If someone handed you the microphone
TODAY to speak in front of hundreds or thousands
of people…

Are you ready?

Your destiny is calling, you are calling, the world
is calling you forward…..

And now I am calling you to step up to the mic…..
What will you say or teach to the world?
And if you don’t know by now, I would challenge you
and say..


You know!! You’ve always known it..
It’s always been right there inside of you..
Gnawing at you, echoing in your head,
vibrating in your bones.
It’s unshakeable..
You can’t turn away from it..
Some people try with the food, the boose,
the sex, the drugs, the boring job,
the lack luster effort, the hiding,
the excuses or…

Leaders create time, they kick bad habits,
and they kick success right in the ASS.
Because it’s not JUST success they are after.
At the end of the day, it still comes down to one important thing.
What will you contribute to this world before you go?
I Speak, I Stand, I Live out the dreams that are bursting inside.
What will you do with this day?
I know what you will do…
You will do what you choose to do
You will do what you are longing to do
You will step into the future you’re destined to do
Because You are YOU!

There’s no one quite like you..

Your voice, your inspiration, your mere
magnitude of love and joy and passion.
You are destined to move this planet with the
very ideas that pour through you
The very passions that ignite you..
The very love that inspires you..
For what would life be without YOU
What kind of planet would our kids live in without
the real YOU?
YOU are all that we have been waiting for..
A moment of truth
A moment of  hope
A Glimpse of greatness.
A moment of courage to step in
and say…

I wil speak with no stops, no barriers, no breaking point
I am destined to share this message with the world
I will share it from stage, from a mountain top, from a valley,
from the depths of the oceans and all the way to outer space…
My voice knows no limits..

Because on this day I choose
to be whatever I want…
Because I know ME.
And when I choose; the world
will listen…
They will listen from their iPhones,
their radios, their televisions, their internet..
and Most of all they will listen from their hearts
because that’s exactly where the VOICE of
a TRUE speaker touches them.

So on this day my friend…
Will you stand with
the crowd
Will you rise above and LEAD
the next person in the crowd who is counting
on your voice to pull them out.
The choice is yours…
But you have already chosen..
Now it’s time to live it..

GO here to Join me on
the journey of the greatest career



These are words that would inspire anyone and I refer to them often.  The time has come.

I am ready!

So to my followers I avow:  You will hear my VOICE…forever more.

Tomorrow:  I am a Leader


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