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WHY do you do IT?



Have you figured it out yet?  Do you know what it is that drives you?  What gets you up in the morning?  Who do you live for?  What is your WHY?  Have you discovered your passion?  WHY do you live your life?

What you do and where you are going depends on WHY you live your life.  I hope over the last week you have taken the opportunity to reflect on those important things in life.  Thoughts and concerns for your future will drive you onward, leading you toward your destiny.  I am willing to tell you, I have resisted and fought my destiny for far too many years, leading me on a rough and tumble journey. 

There is destiny about you, but only if you follow your heart…your WHY!  We need to determine the reason for our taking every action, and the more powerful that WHY, then the easier the action is to decide upon.  It also helps keep you on a path in line with your purpose.

So what is it?  Let’s get to that.  It is different for each of us.  Some of us may live for money, success, fame & fortune, spirituality, faith or religion, house & home, love and social relationships.  The most important reason is family…our mother/father, spouse or partner. An even larger WHY being our children.  A father who lives entirely for the provision of his children holds some sway, yet, there is no more powerful WHY than a mother living for her child.  That maternal instinct is a catalyst to great power.

If you have given any thought to the Pride in Practice I charged you with, then you are prepared to move onward with a better life.  That’s what this entire program is about.  Living better is the ultimate goal for every one of us.  Living each day to our fullest potential.  We must live according to our motivation.  You see, you could tune in here or attend seminars, watch videos, etc. in order to receive motivation but there is no greater motivator than your WHY.

Here is a WHY for you; 

WHY did I become a Life Coach? (This Entire Week; MY STORY!)

I decided that I would live according to my WHY, which I discovered during my recovery.  Just a few years I a miserable man…Bah Humbug and all that.  I almost lost everything; wife, house, job, life.  The only way to keep it was to be willing to give some of it up…namely my wife.  I had to let her go in order to get back to what was mine.  She was mine but I had to let her find out WHY.

I recovered and began writing.  This helped me find me again.  I started documenting my journey which helped me move to the next step in my life.  It is now part of my journey to help others discover and alter their path before it becomes desperate.  I have devoted my life to helping others.

WHY do I concern myself with helping others?

Well the answer is below in captions, but I have found that helping others makes me feel better.  I have also found the statement below to be true.  Now that I found a happier more positive me, I have found that my circumstances because I changed my attitude.  I have begun to find ways to bring those positive vibrations to others.  I am a writer who has a voice and I intend to use it to the betterment of all.

DEN OF PRIDE was created to promote good living and positivity to develop your confidence and power.  Each of us are created to live out our part in this great Universe.  Yet, even the best of us do not live up to our potential.  If even one half of us put the effort forth to be the creator we were meant to be then this world could be united in freedom.  Most of us have more possibility than we could ever utilize.

One of the main reasons for this lack of potential is that we are selfish beings.  I have said this before and I will say it again for all time.  WE ARE SELFISH!  I am not faulting anyone for that, living only for ourselves is human nature.  We might even be willing to expand our consideration to include those closest to us, family and friends, but even that falls way short of the unlimited potential we possess.  If we lived for others, and I mean ALL others, then we would all likely find our needs provided for as those needs arise. 

“You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want.”  –  Zig Ziglar

That is something to live for, isn’t it?  Isn’t that a selfish statement?  After all, it says YOU can have everything YOU want.  Is that not what we all want?  We want to live and achieve all our dreams.  We want what we want, but the problem is we are looking at life the wrong way.  Oh, sometimes we are considerate and help those less fortunate than ourselves and take up or donate to a cause we deem falls in line with our WHY.  But the truth is we usually live only for ourselves, when if we only lived for others we could enjoy plentiful rewards.  This is what it means to live our WHY…“Do unto others.”

Humanity is simply falling short and we have not yet achieved our greatness because we live only for ourselves.  Living only for ourselves is not a strong enough WHY!  Our WHY must include everyone under our umbrella!  Our WHY must show appreciation and consideration for everyone in this Universe!  We not only a part of this Universe but we are it.  We are one, united in a common cause and living one complete existence.

When one small portion of humanity suffers, we all suffer.  When one of us suffer, others suffer.  When even one of us is not giving our fullest potential, then we all fall short of our highest possible achievement.  We live amongst one another, so we should therefore live for each other.  If we live for each other we can be so much more and do so much more.  Humanity is meant to evolve to greater heights, yet we are far from this possible evolution because we are too far off course from our real existence as a united humanity.  Opening up our eyes and our awareness to see things from this viewpoint will bring us closer to that ultimate Universal Unity.

You may not be ready for this today.  We will take this a little slower.  Today we are only together for one purpose…to get you to find your WHY.  By living your WHY and allowing this to assist you in making choices and life decisions, you are heading in the right direction.  You will be on a life path that is in living your destiny. 

If you are here to gain your confidence and pride, then this is what brings us here together.  We are trying to live a better life and become the best person we can possible be.  If each of us can live according to our life path then we are one step closer to achieving our oneness. 

Start with you and your WHY.  Let each moment be guided by a greater life force, a greater purpose than yourself.  This will ultimately lead to an existence you can be proud of.  Better yet, encourage those you know to live according to their WHY, as I am doing now with you.  As I said earlier, my WHY is other people, living for my humanity as the one Universe we are. 

Your WHY may be only important to you.  It may lead you to selfish pursuits, as in the case of President-Elect Donald Trump, but the more of us that can live according to our WHY, the stronger humanity may become.  This is WHY I bring my platform to you.  In encouraging each of us to live more, do more, achieve more and become more, the Universe as a whole can only benefit and grow.  Human growth is not only our goal, but our destiny. 

I hope to have given you enough incentive to pursue a life filled with potential.  We must continue our journey of personal achievement on the path of enlightenment.  That should go without being stated but unfortunately that is not the case.  We often need encouragement and guidance.  In fact, we should always have guidance, but are often too proud to ask. 

As a PRIDE Guide, I am here to tell you that PRIDE is about being strong enough to ask for help, each and every moment that we require it.  Too often we fail to ask for help because we are “too proud.”  Drop that sentiment now.  I encourage and expect you to be proud, but PRIDE must be maintained.  By asking for advice and assistance, we are better able to make informed decisions. 

Every decision you make is ultimately yours, but how much stronger of a decision can you make armed with the knowledge of multiple sources.  Even Presidents have multiple advisors.  We are stronger for the support we receive.  Then when we do make decisions, by referring to our WHY, we move one step closer to our pre-destined greatness. 


1.    Seek council from others who might have answers to your vital questions.     (ASK FOR HELP!)

2.    When you make decisions, act according to your WHY.

3.    Pass it on!  This decision making practiced by all of us can only help to make us stronger.        (Study, practice, teach)

4.    THINK; DECIDE; ACT; REPEAT!                                                                    (WHY?)


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