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(READ THIS!!) Change Makers Innovators & Collaborators


Change Makers Innovators, and Collaborators!  Let’s work together!! Let’s Unite!

Let’s work today to change tomorrow!  Let’s make IDEAS a reality!

I have started a Meetup group for people who want to make a change for the world; for their community; for their family; for themselves.

Have you ever had an IDEA?  Of course you have?

You must have IDEAS, you have thoughts all of the time.  Right?  But these IDEAS are special.

You know the IDEA I’m talking about, that one, (snap) that IT! “That’s going to be something.” You remember the IDEA that was going to change everything. Sure you do?  We have all said, (or heard some who said) “That was my IDEA!  They stole it.”  The truth is someone capitalized on it and they didn’t. Isn’t that true?

Have you ever heard the words, (these are sour words that turn my ear) “Somebedy should do something about that!”  Ooooh, I hate that.  WHY?  Are you not somebody then?  If somebody can do something about that, why not you?  Can you do something about it?

Do you have a community, eco-safe or humanity project that you have a passion for?  Why not do something about it?  If somebody should do something about, the why not you?

To achieve greatness, start where you are, use what you have,do what you can.”                 Arthur Ashe – Tennis Legend….Activist….Man of True Greatness.

!?! LAW OF ACTION !?!  

It is time you took action!  Be that Somebody!  Create that IDEA!

Let’s collaborate!  Use and combine each others skills and assets!  Let’s work together to change the world.

“If you want to make the workd a better place, just look at yourself and make that change.”      –    Michael Jackson  (that man might have had questionable sanity but genius will do that to you)

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”    –   Ghandi

“What you do today, determines your tomorrow.”     –   Ghandi

Have I inspired you enough yet?

Are your ready to do something big?  Are you a somebody?  You know you are, we are all somebody, right?

Take Action today, to change tomorrow.

Let’s Collaborate!  Let’s Unite!  Let’s make IDEAS a reality!

I am looking to work with people.  Everybody. Everywhere.  (This is a mobile world!)

If you have an IDEA, I am willing to work with you to complete your project ot help you find people who will.

This MEETUP group meets in Brampton, but I want to see these group everywhere, working to see IDEAS through to fruition, making IDEAS a reality.

I am having a MEET & GREET Lunch on January 21 @ 10AM.  If interested, visit


Reach out on FB, LinkdIn or through this site.

Other Scheduled MEETUP to follow.  There are plenty of opportunities to Collaborate.  Joint Venture Partnerships.  % Investment, % Involvement, % Equity   (Opportunities for ALL)

RJ Horner,

Change Maker & Collaborator


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