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New Year, New You, Endless Possibilities

“This is the season, turn, turn, turn.”   “…times they are a changing.”  The years keep rolling by and with each New Year comes new opportunity.  The type of opportunity that only knocks when you are prepared to answer, or so it seems.  Perhaps it knocks anyway but we are not ready for it.  This suggests that you must know who you are and where you are going.  You must be prepared for when opportunity arises.

“Success comes when preparation meets opportunity” – Zig Ziglar

Question Yourself.  Know who you are, where you are currently and where you want to go.  I’ve told you, “I know who I am! I know where I am going! I know what I am doing to get there!”  My hope is that you might be able to say the same, and what better time to start then a fresh New Year.

That is what this New Year is all about.  Like a fresh blanket of snow, we have endless possibilities.  You go out and toboggan; get out the snowmobile; build a snow fort; snowball fights; build a snowman.  The same could be said for the year to come.  You could make time for family or new friends; work smarter not harder; prepare for a better tomorrow; save money; lose weight; socialize or schedule some play time; study for a better career…all of these work at becoming a better person, which I believe should be on everyone’s goal list.

“What you do today determines your tomorrow.” – Ghandi

Whatever you might do this year has been influenced by what you did last year.  Yet you can start over again with the right preparation.  Like a spring cleaning, you clean out the old to make room for the new.

What do we think about approaching New Year?  We reflect on our past year and consider how we can do better or improve our lives in some way.  We try to fix those little things that have caused us problems or held us back from being and doing our best.

How do we decide what those things might be?  We reflect on where we are right now and the things we have done to get us here.

  • Did we do our best?
  • Did we behave our best?
  • Could we do better?
  • What could we do better?

So with the unlimited potential, this fresh start allows us to create resolutions. These are statements that we are making a commitment to change a specific, or even multiple, aspects of our lives where we require improvement.  This is why I set up the motivational platform, DEN OF PRIDE to coincide with a new year.  This forum is about becoming a better soul.  What better time to consider your current position and take new action to improve yourself.  A New Year offers a new you.

Make that your first step.  This New Year resolve to become a better person.  In fact you should want to become a better person each new day.  Becoming better tomorrow than you were today.  Take steps each day to improve to improve on the person you are.  Make a plan of action.  This is important to keeping your resolutions.  If you hope to stand a chance in hell of sustained improvement, you should put in place a plan to achieve both short and long term goals.

At a party last New Year’s Eve, our host had us write down 5 resolution we had for the coming year.

I listed them as follows:

  1. Become a published Author.
  2. Gain financial control.
  3. Work for myself.
  4. Donate my time.
  5. Lose weight.

Looking at these items listed and reflecting on what they meant to me, I realized that they were all about becoming a better person.  I considered how I might be able to enact all of these actions into my life.  I needed something that would encompass them all under one blanket statement.  I also realized that my fault in not implementing these actions in the past was in not taking action.  I fell victim to my own inefficiencies.

So I did not decide on a resolution at that time…although getting published was at the top of my list, and I knew that was the one I wanted most, I was hesitant.  For that you must actually produce something of value to offer to readers and publishers alike.  When I looked more at this list I discovered that my issue was not a lack of desire, it was more a matter of lacking motivation.  I needed a reason to take action on my dreams.  I often found myself with little time devoted to a consistent routine.  I was my own worst enemy.  I needed to find my WHY.

When I finally decided on a firm resolution, it was one that wasn’t so stringent.  I made a commitment that would be easy to keep if I just took action.  It was a decision that left room for flexibility.  Oh, I would stand resolute and follow through for a change, but that was because I was open to possibilities.

The resolution I formed was, “This is the year I make things happen for me.”  So vague right, but if I stood firm to this statement, I could accomplish a lot.  So having made my resolution I vowed that I would pay attention to the Universe.  As I said already, “The Universe is talking to me.”  It actually talks to all of us, we just have to know how to listen.

Having asked for direction, I watch and listen for those opportunities presented to me that would make my dreams a reality.

Here are some of the results:

  1. Published Author…
    1. I have begun writing a mission statement that is turning into a major project.
    2. I have started a blog to add motivation and direction to others, adding value to their lives. (I am a published Writer)
  2. Financial Control…
    1. I have begun to gain control over my debts.
    2. I have started a minor savings.
    3. I now study financial management.
  3. Work for Myself…
    1. I have started working in this direction. I am working to be a motivational speaker.
    2. I am now a self-professed Writer/Speaker/Coach. (Amateur)
  4. Donate my time…
    1. I am now a member of an organization called MENtors, supporting the cause and creating awareness for violence against women.
    2. I am also a committee member for Orangeville Transit. Affecting change improving transit.

(There were other opportunities that didn’t pan out, but I was open to possibilities)

  1. Lose Weight…
    1. I must confess this one has left me wanting. I have yet to make that certain commitment to dropping those pounds once and for all.  I exercise for a time, my weight comes and goes like the ebbing tide.

While I did not accomplish all of my wishes, I did peck away at them.  I have come a long way in one year.  I happen to believe that this was because I was not limited to any specific goal or task.  Because I left it open to interpretation, I was able to accomplish much more than I could have if I was just to focus on one task.

Looking back I can emphatically state that 2016 was a productive year for me.  I expect 2017 to be even more productive.  I have taken action to make it so.  In fact that is my resolution for this year:

I RESOLVE TO TAKE ACTION!  (This differs from “Make things happen.”)

I have kept myself back in the past because I am slow to take action.  I have MANY things I want to pursue this year and they are achievable only if I take action.  There are financial considerations holding me back but if there is one thing I have learned, that is nothing that cannot be overcome with a little effort.  I just have to take action.  That is my word for the year.  (Tell you about that shortly.)

So that would be my advice for starting off 2017 on the right foot:

  • Look over the past year, your successes and failures.
  • What did you do well? What can you do better?
  • Write down about 5 possible dreams that you would like to achieve.
  • Look for the common thread and choose a blanket statement resolution that will allow you to take those steps forward. (Blanket statement means covering all items)

2017 will be a productive year if you make the right decision and run with it.  For that you must be prepared to win.

“If you plan to win, and you prepare to win, then and only then can you expect to win!”              – Zig Ziglar


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