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Week 4: Question Everything, Part 5

Question Everything…Question Yourself!


Finally before moving on, you must once again question everything you might have thought to be true or more likely have taken for granted over the years.

Who am I?  What type of person am I?  Why do I do what I do?  Where am I going in life?  What does my future hold?  Am I happy…or merely content?  Am I truly successful…or just getting by?

We hardly ever question ourselves so deeply as to seek answers for these deep questions.  We get so complacent and life gets stagnant.  We just accept who we are and roll with the punches in life.  We often just take what we get and like it.  But, what if we didn’t have to like it at all?  What if we didn’t just make the most of what we have?  What if we made our own rules and made life what we want it to be?

Why don’t we ask these questions?  Perhaps it is that we don’t want to know the answers.  We might know with certainty that we are unhappy, but we don’t want to confirm it.  It might be painfully obvious that we are broke, but don’t ask, don’t tell.  Money is one of those topics that we can hardly talk about much less offer up a deep consideration.  If we ignore it, it will eventually go away, right?  Wrong!

Anything we ignore only becomes larger with the passage of time.  Asking those deep questions allows you to get at the truth early and take action to alter your course.  You can do something about it, whatever the circumstance.  You can be happy, successful, rich, powerful, confident, principled…whatever status you choose to be of importance to you.  It is possible you know, you just have to take charge of your destiny and your life’s direction.

You can have or be anything you want if:

  1. You decide just what it is you want.
  2. You want it bad enough.
  3. You work hard to get what you want.
  4. You just reach out and take it.

So here is where we question ourselves further.  Knowing what you want in life and what is important to you will help you develop a plan to achieve your dreams.  That is one of the key to your success by the way, setting goals and developing a plan of action.

“If you don’t make a plan for your life, you will become part of someone else’s.”

–  Jim Rohn

Today we begin a new journey, this being the last post you will receive from me in 2016.  2017 is just about to begin.  We can see it on the horizon, and I don’t know about you but I am looking at it expectantly.  2017 is going to be my year.  I have already set out a plan to achieve MY dreams.

In 2017 I have vowed to take charge of my existence.  No more drifting along accepting whatever life throws at me.  I am prepared to handle whatever comes my way.  I am looking for all opportunities that are presented to me.  I am not yet in a position to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way, but that is one of my long term goals.  I have taken already made things happen that I have been putting off for just the right moment.

We all do that right, waiting for just the right time to unleash or take action on that possible plan if everything goes just the right way.  I have come to realize that the right time never really arrives.  We are waiting for nothing.   This is one of the topics we will discuss in the coming year, but for now just know that you must take action in order to achieve anything.  The time may never be right and things don’t need to be perfect.  If you have a notion or idea, just take action, the idea will form as you progress, you can adjust and make corrections to your plan as situations arise.

So are you ready to take action?  Take action on what, exactly?  Do you know yourself?  Who you are, what you do, why you do it.

  • What is it you really want?
  • Do you know what dreams and desires you have.
  • Have you given it that much consideration?
  • Are you headed in the right direction?
  • Is your idea or dream right for you?
  • Are you passionate about it?
  • Is DEN OF PRIDE right for you?

Take some time to figure out what you really desire.  Make a list of all your dreams or goals.  We will do this in the coming days but for today, begin to consider what it is you want.  Know yourself.  Question what you truly desire.

  • What is truly important to you?
  • Is it your family and social life?
  • Is it your job or career?
  • Is it finances or wealth?
  • Do you want to be rich?
  • Do you value others?
  • Are you heavily involved in philanthropy?
  • Will DEN OF PRIDE help me achieve my dreams?  become a better person?

Make a list of your values, principles and priorities in your life.  This will help you decide just what it is that is most important to you.  You values and your principles define who you are and can help mold where you are going.  This next quote is one of my favorites and one I will use a lot, but that is because it is one that has mapped out my current path.

“When you find your WHY, you can find your WAY!”

–  John C. Maxwell

I hope this week I have gotten you questioning everything.  With practice it will soon become second nature.  You will begin to ask questions in your mind as you are receiving information so that you may sort it and utilize it to your best advantage.  This is called discernment.  The ability to make a decision based on available information.

Questioning everything that you are presented with on an hourly basis.  You are constantly fed with information.

  • Is that information pertinent to you?
  • Is it relevant to your life?
  • Why are you hearing this information?
  • Who is providing you with this information?
  • How does this information help me or hurt me?
  • Can DEN OF PRIDE help me become a better person?

The quicker you begin to process these questions and apply them to your life, the clearer and more directed your life will be.  Question yourself first.  Start with that to determine if you are on the right path.  Once you have defined your WHY, you can keep your life centered on your purposeful direction.

Are you ready to live the life you always desired?

My wish for you is to make that decision, nay a commitment to become a better person.  Become the person you were always meant to be in order to achieve all your dreams and live the life you always wanted!  Become a member of the DEN OF PRIDE!


Next Post:  New Year, New You, Endless Possibilities.


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