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Week 4: Question Everything (Part3)

Question Everything!

(Part 3)

When we want information in this modern age there is usually only one source we turn to and we trust it almost implicitly.  You know it, we all do.  What is its name?  C’mon, say it with me…if we want to know anything, we “Google it”.  How about that for trust?  That term alone has come to mean search for information.  Are we brainwashed or do we just know that the information we receive will be trustworthy as valid?  Well it may be valid, but again, let’s question this further.

We enter our query into the search bar and let’s not forget we are told to be as detailed as possible.  Let’s say we want to know if Ben Franklin invented electricity.  So we enter all of those words in the search bar.  What are we offered in return?  Quite likely 143,000 search results matching your request.  Now, the top 25 are on the first page.  Does that mean that they are the most valid or perhaps hold the most truth?  Let’s consider again that of the top 5 results, Wikipedia is one of the links to your results.  We mentioned them earlier as a rather untrustworthy source.  So, still more questions arise.

Of these many listings that you received which ones are relevant to our initial query?  Just because they are at the top of the thousands of queries does not mean they are the most valid or trusted source.  Some of this information just does not apply.  Why?  Because Google has a rating system that is not based on fact or relevancy.  It is based on; 1. A payment system that allows some websites to stay as a top-rated source.  2.  Search Engine Optimization or SEO, allows those websites that use certain keywords most often in their posts to stay on top of the query list.  3.  Top-rated usually means that those that are referred to most often stay near to the top of the search engine.

Because of this system the results that you might find first are not necessarily the most trusted source.  In fact, quite often the information you need would better be found on the second or maybe the twentieth or even the fiftieth page.  The reality of the situation is that most people do not even get past the top ten searches.  That is why Google has the rating system it does.  Being at the top of a Google search query is a precious commodity.  You can gain a lot of business by being located in the top ten.  Based on this system though, Google is not a truly trusted source for information, yet it is the number one method of seeking out information in this modern age.

Next perhaps you are hearing the information directly from someone’s lips, whether watching TV or a video, maybe you heard it from a teacher or are attending a seminar.  There is also the likelihood that a friend, family member, acquaintance, or even a mentor is telling you these “facts” face-to-face.  Why are they telling you?  Are they genuinely interested in you and imparting you with invaluable knowledge designed to feed your soul and make you a better person?  Or are they feeding you with useless gossip that can only hope to destroy you or the person to whom these “facts” are directed?  Question that the source it is not always valid and it is necessary to determine why they are giving you this tidbit of information.

So you have learned how to question everything.  Why would I suggest this to you just as I am about to inundate you with information?  That is almost a rhetorical question.  If I am going to impart knowledge on you, I want you to be able to discern the validity of the information I give you.  I want to build our relationship on trust.  I want you to know that while I believe that I am acting with genuine interest in helping you become a better, stronger person, you are to only one who can act in your best interest.  You must make the ultimate decision on whether to believe the information and if you should apply it to your life.

You are responsible for everything that happens in your life.  You must make it all happen and you should therefore make sure you are acting on information that is reliable.  I am going to give you a lot of information over the coming moons.  It is based on what I have learned and continue to learn.  We should never stop learning, but all of that learning is in the interest of become the best person we can possibly be.  We can become strong if make the best decisions based on each circumstance we are faced with.

A little bit of advice right off the bat.  When faced with any situation, you have only three options; accept it, change it, leave it.  We will discuss this further at a later time.  For today I want you to understand that this platform is designed to help you improve yourself.  I encourage you to learn all you can and apply it to your own unique situation.  Begin today to become the best possible person you can be.  But do so with the intention that not all of the information you hear will be helpful to you.

We move forward today by asking yet more questions.  Again with the 5 W’s, and how.  This time pertaining to what DEN OF PRIDE means to you.  This is information you should have to make a qualified decision to trust me and to follow me.  Am I going to steer you in the right direction and am I giving you valid and even vital information?  As I have said previously, the DEN OF PRIDE is as much for me as it is for you, but I want you to trust me.

  • In the interest of trust, I will tell you that I will quite often offer you suggestions and referrals that I just might make affiliate promotional earnings.  After all, I wouldn’t be doing myself justice if I did not try to earn a few dollars from this, but I do have a full-time job that does pay the bills.  I would like to earn a little bit more and I just might do so here.  However I am in this for a genuine interest in helping others.  I hope to add value to others and thus possibly be compensated based on that value.  I want you to succeed and my intention is only to provide you with the knowledge and skills to improve your being.  As I said, as much as I have learned over the last few years, there is still much to learn and this platform will help me to memorize the lessons I have learned and will continue to learn.

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