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Newsletter Delayed

`I want to apologize to my readers.  I have made commitments to you and I have not help up my end of the bargain.  I had intended to have the innaugural edition of DEN OF PRIDE Newsletter.  This has proven more difficult than I anticipated.  I had hope to have a complete production in place for the New Year of 2017.  It is still coming, I promise you that.

So I put out a call to all readers for your assistance.

  1.  What would you like to see here on the DEN OF PRIDE?
    • Keep in mind that it is an inspiration and motivation platform.  As well as inspiring thoughts, we will host training and interviews designed to offer value.  (All suggestions are welcomed)
  2. Looking for articles and submissions from writers and readers alike.
    • This can be in the form of articles, games, puzzles or just ideas/thoughts
  3. Looking for a production team for DEN OF PRIDE.
    • This team would have to work volunteer/intern model. (min. 6 mos. for free)
    • This production is not yet monetized so no earnings available at this time.



Robert J Horner


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