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Week 3: Welcome back to DEN OF PRIDE

Welcome back to DEN OF PRIDE!


Every individual deserves to possess the power of pride that comes from a confidence in ones abilities and the knowledge that nothing is impossible.

“Besides pride, loyalty, discipline, heart, and mind, confidence is the key to all the locks.” – Joe Paterno

“ Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill


DEN OF PRIDE provides an environment of discovery.  Those who find its pages and the messages contained within are on a journey of personal development.  They are searching for something.  It is our mission to provide that something here in the DEN OF PRIDE.

–>  We offer only positive encouragement.

–>  We offer messages that enlighten, inspire and motivate to achieve more, be more and do more.

–>  We provide techniques, tools and tips that empower, educate, inform and elevate on to greater heights.

–>  We reach deep within the soul to invigorate the spirit that you might develop the desire for a better tomorrow.

–>  We are your launching platform to change who you are, to develop your strength, personality and character.

–>  We are your guiding force to assist you in the discovery of your greater purpose and passion.  You will find your WHY!

“When you find your WHY, you can find your WAY!” – John C. Maxwell

We welcome any and all individuals who find their path leading them to our doors.  We invite you to join our DEN OF PRIDE.  Become one of those individuals capable of developing a new understanding of who they are.  This platform is a place of growth.  We begin here at one level, whatever stage that might be and rise higher.  At DEN OF PRIDE our journey is one of transcendence, we only elevate ourselves to new heights.

Know deep within your being that anything is possible…ANYTHING!  You have the power to become anything you desire.  You have been told that you can become anything you want in life if you just work hard enough, if you just want it bad enough.  This ladies and gentlemen, is an absolute fact, one might even be able to call it a law, because it is an unfailing truth.  It takes intense desire and unending hard work to achieve any greatness people only but wish for.  If you want it bad enough, you will make it happen.

“Where there is a will, there is a way!” – English Proverb

Here at the DEN OF PRIDE you will find the encouragement, tools and assets so that you might begin to achieve your desires.  We will discuss many topics in the pursuit of personal development: success, leadership, personality, health & wellness, vitality, character and motivation to name but a few.  Your journey here is not only to find yourself and your purpose, but to take inspiration from everything you learn here and pass on what you learn from your time with us and combine that with all that you have learned from your life journey.  Take your knowledge and carry it forward.  Share your vision. Share your passion.




This is just the beginning.  Today we take our first steps toward greatness.  So where do we begin?  YOUR journey begins with YOU.  First steps are to find out who you are.

What do you want in life?  Where do you want to go?  What do you want to achieve?  What are your desires?  What is important to you?  What are your values?  What are your principles?  Where do you stand?  What are you hoping to become?

That is one of our failings in life.  We do not know who we truly are.  We drift through life with no direction and no understanding of what we are truly meant for.  What is our true purpose?  You must decide what it is you want and just go for it.  Fear, failure and all of those thousands of excuses be damned.  Just begin and you will learn and grow along the way.  You see, we are all here as a part of this Universe for something greater than ourselves.  We each have a purpose.  We just need to have a plan to achieve it.

“If you don’t make plans for your life, then you will become part of someone else’s”              – Jim Rohn

The main purpose of the DEN OF PRIDE is that we all must face oppression on a daily basis, from our earliest days.  I have felt that I was under the thumb most of my life.  So it is my purpose to remove the shackles from any and all who feel its burden.  We must stand up under the pressures and achieve greatness in spite of all that will keep us under.  Be like the weeds that always find a way to grow through impossible odds

DEN OF PRIDE takes you through the stages to bring you through the asphalt in order to elevate you to a higher plane of existence, starting with removing the burden of societal debt.  You do owe certain allegiances to your fellow citizens, yet your greatest debt is to yourself.  You owe it most to yourself to become the person you were always meant to be.  Take ownership of your own being.

“Be all that you can be!” – United States Army Motto

Take control of your journey through life.  Few people achieve their dream because of limiting beliefs.  We feed our thoughts with a multitude of excuses as to why we don’t, couldn’t or shouldn’t do something.  Of the many oppressors we have to contend with, we are our own worst enemies.  When we get out of our own way we can begin to challenge ourselves, thus we can better face the challenging behaviour of others.

While we will discuss where to begin and what steps to take in order to move forward with greatness in future lessons.  Today we start with one purpose in mind.  You are in control of our life.  Only you can be you.  Your life is yours to live it one day at a time.  Own it.  It is your purpose to live life to its fullest.  If you haven’t taken action toward living a better life, begin today.

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