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Week 2: Welcome from DEN OF PRIDE Creator

“When the student is ready, the master will appear.” – Buddhist Proverbs.


While I am far from a master, I would consider myself an authority on the subject of attitude, behavioural change and the human spirit.  My own troubles and downtrodden circumstances combined with interactions with perhaps thousands of people over the years have led me on a path of personal discovery and given me a unique perspective of people’s attitude and behaviour.  I pay attention to people and empathize with them, giving me an understanding of their wants and needs, as well as their deeds.  To relieve my own hatred and anger, I began searching out a means to become a better man.  I have learned much in the way of personal development.

When I began writing this post, I had intended to tell you my story.  What brought me here to you today?  As I began that task of writing, I found myself adding page after page of details.  My story went on and on though it only began 4 years ago.  So I decided to unwrap those delicious tidbits little by little through upcoming life lessons here in the DEN OF PRIDE that will educate and inform, providing you with a means to improve your lives.

For now I will tell you what brings me to you, what my hopes are, where I am going to take you and what my intentions are.  Next week I intend to unleash our value and mission statement regarding the DEN OF PRIDE.  For this week I will summarize my journey of recovery and discovery.  This journey was fraught with life lessons which would only be revealed to me as time and circumstances would allow.  There was also the fact that my lack of willingness and openness was blocking me from seeing the potential before me.

I say this was a recovery because I was in a terrible state.  I was a veritable Beast from Beauty and the Beast fame.  My persona was that of a tyrant, forcing people to do things my way or the take to the highway.  If you didn’t like what I was doing, you could take a hike.  Oh, there were many times I did not get my way, but that just made me miserable and angry.  Due to this attitude and behaviour people were abandoning me, not willing to be around someone who was so stubborn and ignorant.  Yet, if you asked me, I really was a nice guy, or I was trying to be anyway, if people just stopped trying to piss me off.

Something needed to change, and that something was me.  I didn’t realize it at the time however.  I was told by my mentor (I didn’t realize what I had in him either), “If there seems to be a consistent problem, consider that you might be the problem.”  It wasn’t quite that easy.  If it were, then I would have just been happier and therefore nicer.  You see, on top of being a miserable bastard, I was also a man on the edge.  Life was not going as planned.  In fact, life was against me.  Darwin said, “Anything that could go wrong, would go wrong.”  Well that is exactly as things were going.  Wrong.

You will learn later just what happened in my life, but for now you just need to know that things did get better because when things came to a head, I took drastic action.  It was quite a personal journey and today this tale is told by a much healthier, happier and mentally stronger man.  I read and studied, as I began to learn about who I am life essentially began anew.  The student had found his master.  So I began to have a desire to help myself others with their rediscovering their jovial spirit.

With that came a renewed purpose.  I wanted to share my newfound happiness with others.  I wanted to find ways to offer guidance and advice to those who could truly benefit from a rejuvenation of spirit.  If tried to find outlets to help improve lives.  I discovered words of master motivators; Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, John C. Maxwell and many others.  As such I learned so much about the human spirit, behaviour, motivation, leadership, management and so much more.  If only I could share that knowledge.  If only I had a platform that would allow me to offer others a place to find true inspiration.  I would like to truly motivate and inspire.

With that thought in mind, I began to teach what I have been learning.  I also learned about this social convention known as life coaching.  I believe that would be something at which I could actually excel.  As I was taking consulting calls for my own coaching needs, I received some great advice.  “If you want to be a coach, then just coach.”  I then looked for a means to offer coaching to others.  After a process of evolution, that eventually led to this blog.  I created that platform, the DEN OF PRIDE that I would need to be truly respected and trusted as a coach.  I am Robert J Horner, Writer/Speaker/Coach.

I found ways of offering inspiring messages to my friends and followers.  I also received some other advice recently that I took note of but not heeded as yet, “You need to start coaching, and start charging for it.  Today!”  While I am becoming a professional Life Coach, I would like to build my following and my expertise.  I need to build that trust among those that would hear my words.  They need to feel my sincerity.

So you have briefly heard about my path, but who am I really?

I am a professional bus driver, employed full-time, because that is what you do, right?  You get good grades in school, find a good job, work hard and you will earn a great living.  I work hard all right, but I would hardly call it living, at least not when this journey first began.  I have come a long way but I know that I want to be responsible for my own livelihood.

So that being said, I now wholeheartedly believe those values that I offer up as lore and knowledge on a weekly basis.  No longer am I dissatisfied and sullen because of life hardships.  I have vision.  I am a man with a plan.  I take the bull by the horns and make things happen.  Today I am able to say, “I know who I am!  I know where I am going!  I know what I am doing to get there!”  That is what I am hoping to impart on my followers, the same confidence and attitude to take charge of their lives.  I hope that everyone might find themselves and their definite purpose in life.

The powerful thoughts and beliefs will unravel slowly here in the DEN OF PRIDE.  You will find yourself, whether you are lost or just need some further motivation or guidance.  DEN OF PRIDE is a place of discovery for everyone.   When learning from those masters of personal development, I learned that one of the best ways to learn was to teach others along the way.  Imagine how well your kids would learn if every day they came home while sharing quality time at dinner they were able to summarize and share all that they had learned that day.

While I am far from a master, I realized that I should just begin to teach, to pass on what I was learning.  I would;




(Knowledge is Wealth too)

It is my wish to be able to impart you with enough wisdom and inspiration to allow you to carry this momentum forward.  For you to SHARE!

Join us often at the DEN OF PRIDE as we discuss how to build character and discover a better life for yourself.  In turn we could offer a better life for everyone.

Next Week:  Our Mission and Vision Statements.  What is the DEN OF PRIDE?  What does it mean?  Who is it for?  What can it offer you?



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