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Week 1: Welcome to the DEN OF PRIDE!


“Do not expect to become perfect at once.  If you do you will be disappointed.  Be better today than you were yesterday and be better tomorrow than you are today.” 

–  Lorenzo Snow


Welcome to the DEN OF PRIDE!

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A confidence symposium created for you, the reader.  Individuals hoping to find the confidence and power to succeed at whatever they desire.  A symposium is a meeting place.  That is what the DEN OF PRIDE is all about, a safe supportive environment for like-minded individuals to gather to offer and receive inspiration and support to become greater, stronger, more powerful and proud.

There are many of us dedicated to personal development and self-improvement who will encounter this blog and find it extremely useful.  Those of you that follow the DEN OF PRIDE are well on your way to becoming that better, stronger and happier person.  Over the next several weeks I will be introducing the DEN OF PRIDE, informing you what it is about, why I created it and what value it has for you.  You will receive support, advice and education in the ways of developing your character.

Today is simply our formal introduction.  DEN OF PRIDE is having its official unveiling.  DEN OF PRIDE is dedicated to personal development for everyone.  To encourage and offer the skills and support necessary for each of us to become a better person, whatever that means to you.

If you have never heard of personal development, then this website is a good place to start.  You will be offered guidance and advice that I have learned from some of the masters of personal development.  If you are familiar with this industry but have avoided it like the plague because, “That is just not for me.” Or perhaps, “I don’t need that shit.”  Maybe you, “Don’t need someone else telling me what to do.”  Sorry to be the one to tell you, YOU need this most of all.  Our attitudes and our beliefs that have been implanted from all of our past interactions and statements were offered by those who influenced have hindered us from becoming everything we desired to be.

To those of you have given up or never really got started in the first place.  Everyone should work on personal development continuously and without end.  Never give up on yourself.  When you stop trying to improve yourself and become better than you are today, you truly stop living.  You have given up on life.  If you have found your way to this site and more specifically to this blog, then you were meant to see it. The Universe is speaking to you.  You asked and you shall receive.  You were sent here to find this safe, healthy environment.

The LAW OF ATTRACTION says, “Like Attracts Like.”  You have begun to attract greatness and betterment into your life.  You are about to find a better place for yourself and discover a greater purpose in this world.  You are welcome and invited to join the DEN OF PRIDE.  A promotional group devoted to adding value to others.  At the DEN OF PRIDE, we are encouraged to positively share.




These are 3 things I believe deeply and promote to all who will listen and heed my words.  We talk of abundance and the dream that we can have it all.  We can have everything we want and all that we desire but here is where it begins.  We begin by sharing.  If we could all just give a little more of these 3 things then we do right now, then the Universe at large could be a better more abundant and ultimately successful Universe.  It would be a better place for all of us to live.  By sharing we could distribute a little more evenly.  Wisdom, Wealth and Love are abundant.

In the DEN OF PRIDE we will create a better world one soul at a time.  As many as our voices can reach.  I said, “…our voices…”  My goal is to convince you of the value in the things I offer, then to have you teach what you learn here to others.  That is how we can SHARE.

The DEN OF PRIDE is a safe environment where all souls can gain confidence and develop the PRIDE that will help them become the best, strongest, happiest person they can possibly be.  If you were a lion amongst a PRIDE inside the DEN, would you not feel safe enough to grow strong, healthy and content?  Would you not feel the PRIDE of belonging?

That is what the DEN OF PRIDE means to us.  It is a meeting place where people are capable of developing powerful, confident and proud beings, just as lions.

Today you have been introduced to the DEN OF PRIDE.  Next week you will meet me, who I am, where I come from, what I am about and why you should listen to me.  Week 3 you will begin to discover just what the DEN OF PRIDE can do for you.  What value will you receive as a follower of the DEN OF PRIDE?  I assure you that by joining us you will feel that PRIDE I promised you!

Join the DEN OF PRIDE!

Become a strong, powerful, proud and most of all happy!

Discover and develop your ROAR!

Welcome to the DEN OF PRIDE!

  • Robert J Horner

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