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Hear Me Roar

I found this article on a blog I attempted to start last year.  It is still a vital message today; even more important with the launch of DEN OF PRIDE.  Read on and you will see where the concept of the PRIDE began.



The website Rant Tyrant; will feature the opinions and beliefs of a man that only wants to inform the public about the right and wrongs of the issues that face us every day.  Not every issue is cut and dry, nor are they often something that people willing to discuss.

What you will find here is quite often heated confrontation that is diluted with a compassionate air.  Considering everyone’s beliefs and values is the essence of my persona.  Yet I should strike you as the voice of reason that offers your conscience a moment of consideration.

I am a writer, or at least I want to be one.  Writing requires regular practice and a platform to write, as well as a means to reach your audience.  Readers will be provided with my views on various issues.  Issues that we face every day which confront us all.  As Arsenio Hall says, “Things that make you go, hmm.”

As I one day hope to hold a position of authority, I try to be diplomatic in my beliefs.  There are many sides to every coin and often none are truly the right side.  The best way to diplomatically handle any issue is to say and do the right thing by everyone.  That will be my goal with this ranting/roaring forum, though that can never truly be accomplished; “You can’t please everyone.”

I am no opressor as the name suggests but I will tell you the things you might not want to hear.  I am going to feed you with the truth as I see it.  Hard hitting and dedicated to the issues that hold us from coming together as one society.

I hope you like my work enough that you will join me regularly to weigh in on those issues that not all of us want to hear but most of us should at least be willing to discuss.  We are united in the fact that we are all trying to live a life that revolves around a center of gravity.  That life however, does intertwine with those of others, yet we find ourselves interdependent on one another.    We need each other as we cannot do everything for ourselves.  In fact we can do hardly enough for ourselves.

We are linked to one another by commonalities too numerous to even begin a count.  That would be an effort in futility.  Instead we should consider ourselves lucky to be a part of the wondrous greatness that is our Universe.  It is to that we owe our allegiance, if not to one another even more.  We owe each other the debt of coexistence.

That is what these articles are all about.  Finding a platform to discuss what is important to all of us, regardless of race, religion or background.  We live together.  We lead the same yet different lives; rising, waking, walking and working to raise our families in the best way we know how.  Yet there are many things we are unwilling to discuss.  Why?  Why not?

It is time we talked…about what matters to all of us.

(I will soon create a forum to allow each of my visitors to leave their comments about their own beliefs.)


I am Robert J Horner (Rant Tyrant).  Hear Me Rant!  Hear Me Roar!




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